Learning When To Keep It Shut


Sometimes in life, It’s all about learning to keep it shut. Originally this was a 1600 word post, discussing a rather sensitive topic, giving my rather wide ranged opinion and quite frankly, just having a rant. The post was written, the pictures were taken and it was all ready & scheduled. But upon reflection I changed my mind. I deleted the post and decided to post this one instead. Why? Because I Learnt When It’s The Right Time To Just Shut Up.

I’ve always wanted my blog to be a happy place. A place for me and my readers to escape. A place where you can come to get tips, advice and help on a range of different subjects. Where you can keep up with my life, my travels and every in between. I never, ever want this to be a negative place. Coming to this realisation and remembering why I started is what stopped the original post. It’s what stopped me potentially digging myself one huge hole and it’s what has turned things around and created today’s blog post.


// Think Twice \\

I would definitely pride myself in thinking before I speak. I can be very straight to the point, very honest but hopefully, never hurtful. I will always think before I speak and make sure to try and word something in the best way possible. So whenever you have something to say, whenever you want to get your point across, whenever you’ve got a little something you want to get off your chest, think before you speak. Never hold it back, if it’s bothering you, it’s so important to say it and let it out. But just think twice. Think about what you’re about to say. Is it going to help anything or anyone. Is it going to resolve anything? If not, don’t say it.

// Don’t Debate What You Cant’t Change \\

This is one of the best things I’ve learnt whilst being in the corporate world. When I’ve been sat in meetings or on conference calls, one of the mottos we always stood by was “Don’t debate what you can’t change“. In life, there are just some things that can never change. Unfortunately no matter how much you debate it, no matter how much you kick and scream and no matter how much you discuss something, sometimes things just can’t be changed. So pick your arguments wisely. Don’t waste time. Don’t debate what you can’t change.


// Write It Down \\

I’ll tell you what. I sat there and wrote that mammoth blog post and after it, felt epic. When you have something to say, when you’ve got something to get off your chest but maybe don’t want someone to hear it. Just write it down. Getting all those thoughts off my mind, getting them down onto paper and speaking my thoughts, massively helped. Write it down, type it out or sit there and just talk to a camera. Get it out, delete the footage and boom. You’ll feel so much better.


As I said, there is always a time and a place for something to be said. If you feel passionately enough about it, then go ahead and say it. Have your piece and hopefully, it’ll sort out your problem. But if you’re just wanting to have a rant, a little whinge or moan, then think twice before you hit publish on that video or blog post. You’ll thank yourself in the future, trust me.

| By Harrison |


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