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For as long as I can remember it’s always been my dream to either work for myself or work from home… preferably both. So now that I’ve officially finished full time work and have 5 weeks off before I head to New Zealand, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home working on the blog. This whole ‘at home lifestyle’ requires a lot more hard work and dedication than I once gave it credit for. That then gave me an idea. To write today’s blog post, giving you tips on How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home.

I wish to create absolutely no illusions here. It’s not been easy. On some occasions, it’s been far too tempting to bust out in a dance break and spend a good half an hour, prancing around my kitchen to Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman. Which by the way, is my jam right now. I’m also pretty sure those kitchen cupboards literally call my name. I swear I’ll sit down to start writing a blog post or to edit a video and boom, the next thing I know, I’m balls deep in the snack cupboard… Yeahhh, this is harder than I thought. But hey, these are my findings so far.


// Get Ready \\

Absolutely the most important one of all: Get yourself ready for the day. As tempting as it is, to slob around in your pyjamas and dressing gown all day. Get up, get showered and make yourself look remotely presentable. Yes, the perk of working from home is that you get to spend your days in elasticated waistbands and tea stained sweatshirts, but at least it’s not your pyjamas. Having that routine of getting yourself ready as if you’re leaving the house get’s you set up for the day. You feel fresh, it wakes you up and gives you some kind of purpose for your day.

// Structure \\

Then it comes to some kind of structure. If you were heading out to an office job or even a labouring job, you’d have structure to the day. You’d have a routine, a step-by-step of what needs to be completed and by when. So why should it be different when working from home? Set yourself a goal or a target of what you want to get completed and by when.

For me, I set it out so first thing in the morning is emails. Any emails that needed answering or chasing would get done before I jump into any kind of work. Then I would look at what needs to be completed, whether that be blog posts or videos. I’d then give myself a target of lunch time to get that completed. THEN STOP FOR LUNCH. You’re entitled to a lunch break. Take the break, watch a bit of TV, sit in the garden if it’s nice weather. Just stop the work and recharge your batteries ready for another stint in the afternoon. Have structure to your day, you’ll find yourself being waaaay more productive.


// To Do Lists \\

I’ve spoken about To Do lists before in this post >> HERE << they’re practically my best friend. It’s important to not overload yourself but that said, it’s vital to have them. Whether it be that morning or the night before, write out a list of everything that needs to get done that day and make a dent in that list. There’s no good in just sitting around watching Loose Women all day. There is most likely s**t that needs to get done and you’re most likely the only one who’s going to do it.

// Motivation \\

And last but not least, hard work and motivation. This is the most obvious of them all but fundamentally you have to have motivation to get the work done. I’m lucky I absolutely love blogging, it’s my biggest passion in life and a hobby I know I’ll have for years to come. So sitting down for hours at a time to write out a few blog posts, never feels like work to me. But sometimes, just sometimes, all I want is that dance break. You must have the hard work and determination to be focused, to get your work done and to tick off that to-do list. Once that’s done, then you can treat yourself to an Ariana Grande filled dance break.


It’s not easy and it’s definitely a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. But I can see why so many people do it. Not having to give up an hour each side of your day, to commute back and fourth to work. Not having to be stuck in some office, not being able to multi-task with everyday tasks and not being able to have the freedom to jump on a call one minute, answer emails the next, all whilst boiling the kettle & making lunch. There is definitely something to be said for working from home and I praise anyone who’s able to do it without resisting the dance-break temptation.

Also, pop to a coffee shop every so often. They’ve been a life saver for me over these past few weeks. Being able to get out the house, have a slightly different surrounding yet still get work done. Yeah, they’ve been a very welcomed change.

A big thanks to my babe Emma for taking the pictures for today’s blog post!

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