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Virtual Reality

Here’s a post I didn’t think I’d ever write. Last week I was invited down to CentreVR in Bournemouth to attend the launch of their new Virtual Reality Centre. For those of you who don’t know what VR is, it’s that thing where you have the head set on and it’s like you’re actually in it? Yeah, that. 

I’m not going to lie, when I was invited along to this event, I was a little bit sceptical about it. Gaming really isn’t my thing, I didn’t have any interest in it and thought I was going to be pretty crap. Let me tell you, was I pleasantly surprised or what?! I can honestly say, we had so much fun, non-stop laughs throughout and it really did bring out the competitive side of all the bloggers… who knew we liked to win so much? 

 Virtual Reality

To start with, we played their new game, Tower Tag… which fun fact: It’s the only place in the UK you can play that game. It’s essentially a shooting game, where you’re on a Tower having to capture as many towers as you can, whilst shooting your opposing team. To start with I really didn’t get it but as they say, practise makes perfect. By the end of it, I was absolutely smashing it and really enjoyed it. Let me tell you, if you’re ever thinking of trying Virtual Reality, head here! 

The guys at CentreVR looked after us so much. They introduced us to the centre, taught us how the machines worked and let us play around on all the different games. Apart from Tower Tag, they had machines such as: Flying a Plane, Whale Watching and the best, Walk The Plank. It really is more than just gaming. I would highly recommend everyone try out VR at least once.

Virtual Reality

Situated in the BH2 complex in Bournemouth, CentreVR is really reasonably priced and such great fun. Like I keep saying, I was so pleasantly surprised with just how much fun it was and how clever it is. If you’re ever stuck for something to do, it’s great to take a group of friends, your kids or just you and a mate. It’s better to go in even numbers to make the games easier to play. 

We all had such a good time at this event & I’m really looking forward to going back at least once before I leave for New Zealand. Coming from a non-gamer, you can guarantee to have a good time at CentreVR. If I can be converted, be good at it and actually enjoy myself, then so can you! 

Virtual Reality

I’ll end this post on this note. If I had to describe Virtual Reality in one word, it would be weird. Especially walking on that plank. You know in real life you’re just walking on the floor and you can’t actually fall off. But with the VR being so realistic, you genuinely feel like you’re walking on a thin plank about to fall off. The. Weirdest. Thing. 

Don’t forget to check out CentreVR >> HERE << and if you head down or you’ve been before, let me know! 

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