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I’m a mens blogger, who started out predominantly writing about male grooming. So you wouldn’t think there is a part of it I absolutely hate, would you? Well, there is. Shaving. Ever since I had my first shave, I’ve absolutely hated it. It’s the task I will put off until the very the last minute, the task I hate the most in my skincare routine and the task that frustrates me more than anything. So today I thought I would talk you through a few ways to overcome that male grooming hell!

// Electric Razors \\

First off, electric razors. I’ve been a huge fan of the Panasonic Razors for quite some time. Panasonic have some incredible trimmers on the market, targeted to a wide audience all with varying needs. If you’re like me and absolutely despise shaving, then you’d be a fool not to try the Shavers by Panasonic UK.

Using an electric razor not only speeds up the entire process, it makes it a hell of a lot easier, it generally has better results and is way less faff. Most razors on the market have interchangeable heads to tackle those hard to reach corners, the razor heads manoeuvre around to shape of your face meaning you’ll never be left with any unwanted, missed hairs. Truly, electric razors have changed my shaving life.

// Frequency \\

Whatever you do, don’t leave it too long and create a bigger task for yourself. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, I have really dark, thick hair. So, what little beard I do have, grows way too quick. Without fail, I shave on Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s. This is my way of keeping on top of it, keeping it under control and keeping myself looking remotely presentable. My beard doesn’t actually grow to a full beard, so I have to keep it pretty well maintained otherwise it simply looks dirty.

// Mind Frame \\

And as silly as this one sounds, it’s all about mind frame. If you go into the bathroom thinking you’re about to go through the most mundane of tasks, then you’re not going to enjoy it. However, if you flip it and think of it as treating yourself to a little pamper session, you’ll start to enjoy it. Rather than just having a shave and coming out again, try and do a face mask or have a bit of a facial cleanse. Give yourself a mini spa session and you’ll soon start to enjoy it. Any excuse for a face mask, right?

There we go, just a few ways I tackle that male grooming hell and turn such a chore into a little bit of a pamper. I’ve spent years and years contemplating hair removal creams and treatments but actually, it doesn’t have to get to that. Especially if you’re going to invest a little bit into an electric razor.

A big thank you to Panasonic for sponsoring today’s blog post. Don’t forget to head over to their website >> HERE << and eye up your next ‘treat yo’self moment‘. Do you have a birthday coming up? Christmas isn’t that far way. Add an electric razor to your list, you won’t regret it.

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