Cocktail Masterclass With The Cosy Club

I absolutely love it when you get invited to an event & it does more than exceed your expectations. It really is great to go to these events and occasionally, some of them are much better than others. This recent event was one of those. A few of us were lucky enough to be invited along to The Cosy Club for a Cocktail Masterclass. Alongside the Masterclass, they were also serving us some tapas which I’m a huge fan of. All round a pretty epic night, so it’s only fair I tell you about it.

Upon arrival we were greeted with our first cocktail of the night, given a tour of the space and an introduction to the night. The Cosy Club are all about having a constant flow from breakfast to lunch,  all the way through to dinner. A comfortable, cosy environment to socialise with friends and family.

Then it was time for the masterclass. Now believe it or not, I don’t actually like attention. The idea of being up in front of a room full of people, all eyes on me waiting on my next move is literally my idea of hell. The award-winning barman came up to Liz & I and asked us to be his guinea pigs. We were the first behind the bar, ready to make our cocktails. The group surrounded us and we begun.

Having never been behind a bar before, I really was a fish out of water. So many measurements, so many drinks, mixers, spirits. Truly, I was at a loss. Liz & I had the task of making The Rhubarb & Ginger Bramble. A super fruity cocktail, full of flavour and quite possibly my new favourite drink. Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought but with a sea of eyes watching our every move, it was definitely off-putting. I look a lot more at ease than I was, I was literally dying inside.

Yeah, it was pretty daunting with this lot filming you.

Below is the finished product. A gin based cocktail with Rhubarb, Ginger, Lemon and Cassis, finished with a slice of lemon and berries. This is one of those cocktails that goes down far too easily, the type you could order over & over again and the kind that could be sooo dangerous. Let me tell you, I was so relieved to be partnered with Liz. The whole time we were muttering under our breath and making each other laugh, just to get through the awkwardness of it all. Yeah, like I said, I don’t like attention.

Then it was time for food. As always, the best bit. The Cosy Club are pretty famous for their tapas. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying it on a few occasions now and each time, I’ve been blown away. With the widest range, plenty of choices and so many different flavours, they really do cater to everyone. From mini fish & chips (A firm fave), to Mac & Cheese bites, all the way down to these absolutely insane scotch eggs. I kid you not, I’ve never had an egg taste this good. Even Liz, someone who hates eggs, enjoyed it.

Spread up and down the country, The Cosy Club is the perfect place for a bite to eat. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, The Cosy Club is the place to be. At really reasonable prices, with top quality food and really great venues, you can’t go wrong where The Cosy Club is concerned.

We were truly spoilt at this event. The staff, the cocktails, the food & the company. It really was a great event. A big thank you to The Cosy Club for inviting us along to sample the food & drinks and a bigger thank you to Emma, the organiser of Bournemouth Bloggers for hosting another cracking event.

I was invited along to this event, for free, in exchange for today’s blog post. As always all views are my own

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