The Ultimate Travellers Checklist

Hello and welcome to my ultimate, no-frills Traveller Checklist. A full, in-depth guide to everything you need to tick off your checklist before embarking on the trip of a lifetime. Today we’re covering everything from your budget, to your destination all the way down to the Insurance you should choose. I’ve also done a video (linked below) explaining in a little more detail, so definitely go over and check that out.

// Destination \\

  • Figure out exactly where it is you want to go: Really narrow it down to country, city, town… even attraction. Really pin point where it is you want to go and what it is you want to do whilst you’re there.
  • Also, figure out timings. How long do you want to be in each destination for & how long do you want the entire trip to be?

// Budget \\

  • You need to have some sort of budget in mind. How much you want to spend overall? How much you’re going to take with you and then narrow that down to how much you’re going to spend in each destination.
  • It’s so, SO important not to deviate from that budget. Pick a budget and stick to it!
  • Have a reserve. This is for those times when you’re really desperate, in case of an emergency or for when you return. Have a rainy-day fund you can fall back on.

// Packing \\

  • What are you going to take with you? Are you going all ‘backpacker style’ and just having one rucksack? Or are you having an entire luggage set? Pick your bag and plan around that.
  • Only take the essentials. Remember, this isn’t just a holiday. You are going to have access to things like washing machines. So take the essentials and don’t over pack.
  • Packing cubes, they’ll be your best friend. They make packing so much easier and allow you to utilise all your suitcase space.

// Connecting \\

  • Making connections is so important, especially if you’re travelling alone. Social media is so good for connecting with people all around the world, making plans to meet with people & having the security of someone you know in the country.
  • Twitter & Instagram are great for connecting with other creatives, but apps like Backpacker are also really good for meeting people on your travels.
  • It’s also important to make sure you have connections back home as well. Whilst you’re on the road, you need to make sure you can still make connection with those back home to let them know you’re safe. Wi-Fi in cafes, Wi-Fi boxes and borrowing people’s internet. Make sure you know your methods of contact before you go. For extra safety, there is always the ‘find my friends’ feature on the iPhone you can turn on before your travels so your family can always track your whereabouts.

// Insurance \\

  • Probably the most boring one on the checklist, but could turn out to be so important. Travel insurance, more specifically, Backpackers Insurance.
  • A specific type of travel insurance, targeted at those backpackers heading out on longer trips, usually 6 – 24 months. Many companies specialise in Backpackers Insurance so look around, do your research and pick which one is best for you.
  • A few companies I’ve found that do really good prices are, &… The average price seems to be about £140 for 12 months.


I hope today’s post has come in handy and helped you plan your perfect trip. They’ve definitely helped me whilst planning my trip to New Zealand & it’s something I’ll refer back to in years to come for any future travels.

| By Harrison |


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