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I’ve always been a massive lover of jewellery and accessories. They’ve always been my weakness and for good reason. I truly believe you can have the most simple of outfits, paired with some pretty amazing accessories and you’ve got yourself a pretty killer look. So throughout the years, I’ve developed a huge love of Jewellery, I’ve spent hours and hours scrolling the internet for the perfect pieces and plenty of trial & error has taken place to perfect the collection. And it doesn’t stop there, the collection has grown and I’ve recently added some pieces that I’m totally obsessed with. And you guessed it, I’m going to be tell you all about them today.

Off The Map is a brand new jewellery company, specialising in custom/homemade pieces that are all inspired by travel. From necklaces, to bracelets, rings, to key rings. Off The Map is truly my new favourite accessories brand. What more could I ask for than travel inspired jewellery. I love jewellery & I love travel. Perfect combo! As I mentioned, they’re also customisable. You can have whatever wording you like added to the pieces. What a good idea?!

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of pieces and I’ve totally fallen in love. Let me talk to you about my favourite, this incredible St Christopher’s style necklace. This particular necklace is the 18″ silver chain, with the globe engraving. St Christopher’s are traditionally worn to bring good luck. Combining this good luck with travel, couldn’t be more fitting. I’ve wanted a St Christopher for so long, but didn’t really want to buy one that had ‘religious’ meaning. They all have different designs that didn’t really mean much to me. So to have one that’s inspired by travel is just perfect. I’m so obsessed with it and I’ve already received sooo many compliments. If you want to pick one up for yourself, then click >>HERE<<

Then it comes to the bracelet. Again, I’ve always struggled to find a bracelet that I actually like and one I can wear for all occasions. When I saw this, I knew it was perfect. Firstly I’m so in love with the shade of green. It’s something really different and complete opposite to what I’d usually go for. What’s also really cool about it, is the charms you can buy to go on the bracelet. Each logo on the charm means something different and again, all inspired by Wanderlust. This really is the perfect bracelet, that’s such high quality and I can’t wait to wear it around the world. If you want one of these bracelets for yourself, then just click >> HERE <<

If you can’t already tell, I’m so in love with these pieces and I’m beyond excited that I’ve discovered such an incredible brand. Also, the owner Stevie is just the nicest person ever. I’ve loved working with her and seeing her develop such a gorgeous website… which by the way has just launched. Go over and take a look, have a shop around and support such an amazing company.

Stay tuned for many blog post’s to come, featuring these pieces of jewellery.

Don’t forget to check out Off The Map on social media as well, all links are below.

I was kindly sent these pieces of jewellery in exchange for todays blog post. All opinions are my own. 

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