How To Pitch Yourself To Brands

Being a small blogger/ influencer/ content creator, whatever you want to call it, requires a lot of spinning of a lot of plates. You’re the director, the actor, the editor, the writer and in many cases the PR. You’re the one having to pitch to brands, to introduce yourself and you make yourself known. It’s down to you to get your name out there and make a brand believe in you as a creator. In today’s post, I’m talking you through How To Pitch Yourself To Brands.

// Introduce Yourself \\

Create yourself an email template so whenever you’re pitching yourself, you can just copy & paste and adjust to the specific company. So to start with you need a catchy introduction. Introduce yourself, where you’re from, what you do (i.e. blogging/vlogging/photography) and tell them how you came to find their brand. Make it catchy, informative and make sure you hook them in within the first paragraph.

// Why Are You Contacting Them? \\

Then it comes to getting to the point. Why are you contacting them? What are you looking to get out of the communication. At the end of the day, you need to keep in mind that everything must be mutual. Don’t go into it with the mindset of just looking for freebies. You need to make it mutually beneficial. Whether that be a night stay somewhere, an item of clothing or food & drink. Explain to them just what it is you’re looking for, why you think you’re the perfect influencer for them to work with and what it is you like about their brand. Do a little research beforehand to make sure you can confidently discuss the brand and to show them you’re serious about the collaboration.

// What Do They Get? \\

You need to sell yourself at this point. What can you do for them? A lot of companies will prefer and appreciate a service and being bloggers, the biggest service you can offer is your photographs & writing skills. Up-sell yourself, show them your work, explain what you’re offering in the way of content creation, picture sharing & exposure to the brand. Like I said, any collaboration needs to be mutually beneficial. For you, the blogger, it’s the products or payment and for the brand, it’s sales and exposure. Hit them with a few stats (keep this point minimal), show them what you’ve done, what you can do and what you promise to deliver. Whether it’s a one off blog post and social shares or whether it’s on-going work and a continual working relationship. Outline what they can get in return to give yourself the best possible chance to bag the collaboration.

// Then Wrap It Up \\

Don’t ramble too long, don’t let them get bored within the first email so now it’s time to wrap it up. In the closing paragraph I like to make sure I leave my links. Make sure the brand know where to find you and where they can see examples of your work. Use your social media & blog as a portfolio of work. Then to finish: LEAVE. IT. OPEN. Make sure you keep communication open. Something along the lines of “I look forward to your response” or “I’m looking forward to working together”. Be positive, be optimistic and make it clear, you’re wanting to hear back from them. Then always, always keep it professional. End with a “Kind regards” or “Your’s sincerely” and boom… you’ve got yourself the perfect brand pitch.

To start with it’s going to feel odd. It’s never natural to email companies pitching yourself for the first time. You’re going to get knock backs. “No” will be a word you become all too familiar with but don’t let it get you down. Keep going, keep pushing on and soon, soon you’ll discover the perfect brand to collaborate with. And on that final point, make sure you pitch to brands that are actually relevant to you and your content. Keep it genuine, always.

| By Harrison |


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