Blogging Vs Full Time Work

Start a blog they said. It would be easy they said. If anyone, ever tells you blogging is easy, they’re wrong. Now before the haters come flooding in, it’s by no means ‘manual labour’. I appreciate bloggers aren’t out there saving lives and fighting fires, however It’s not all a walk in the park. Especially when you have a full-time job as well. So today I thought I’d share with you just how I manage a full-time job with my blogging life & a few tips on how I keep on top of it all. I recently did a blog post about How To Stay On Top Of It in general but today’s post is dedicated to the balancing act that is blogging & working.

So firstly, let’s start with what a day in the life looks like…

Wake up at 6:30 > Scroll social media > Get ready for work & upload my first Instagram of the day.

Then it’s working all day, keeping my phone on me to answer any emails. Sometimes you get emails that need responses quick, so having my phone close to me all day is pretty important.

Finish work > Go home & do a workout/yoga > write a blog post or film a video (sometimes both) > Edit said posts/videos > Cook dinner > Upload again to social media and plan content > Bed

Needless to say, there’s rarely a moment I’m sat doing nothing.

// Savour Every Moment \\

Tip number one and probably the most important tip, savour every moment! Every spare minute of my day is used to create content. Whether that be writing a post, editing pictures of filming a video. Every free second I have, I use it to create. I absolutely love it, hence why I do it but It can get exhausting. And staying motivated to do it, is not the easiest. It’s one huge balancing act!

// Discipline \\

Having discipline is key. Making sure that when you get home from work, instead of sitting yourself down in front of the TV and having a Real Housewives marathon, you make sure you grab your laptop and do some work. It’s all a mind game. Sometimes the idea of starting a new task can be so daunting and actually, Real Housewives is all you’re interested in. But keeping disciplined will in turn, keep you well on top of your to-do list.

// Use Your Time Wisely \\

This goes in line with first point. But whatever time you do have, use it wisely. I edit my pictures on my phone, check out this blog post to see how >> HERE <<. So in the evenings when I might be watching TV, I use that time to casually edit my photos. Or if I’m on a long car journey, I’ll use that time to jot down blog post ideas, upload to social media or again, edit pictures. Recently, it’s been a bit quieter at work so I’ll use the down time to write blog posts. This post was actually written whilst I was at work… probably shouldn’t admit that but YOLO! I’d rather get on top of things than waste my time scrolling The Daily Mail… not saying that’s all I do at work, but The Daily Mail is on my favourites page. But use your time wisely, make the most of it and GET SH*T DONE!

I’m sure there are probably hundreds of tips, from hundreds of bloggers all about how they manage the balancing act of blogging and working. But these few tips are the ones I use constantly to ensure I stay on top of everything. Sometimes I think it’s just me putting too much pressure on myself. It’s like being a prisoner to your own schedule. If I miss an upload it feels like the world has ended when in fact, I’m pretty sure nobody would care. The secret to staying sane? Care less.

Also, don’t think because I’m writing this post, life is perfect and I stay on top of everything all the time. Especially recently, life has got me feeling really overwhelmed with the pending New Zealand travels right around the corner. If this is the case for you, just take a break, take a step back, reduce that to-do list and tackle one job at a time. Soon, you’ll be back to normal proceedings in no time.

Overall, I absolutely love it. Through the good, bad and ugly, as I’ve said before, blogging is the best thing I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think I’ll leave it there for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and let me know below if you’ve got any tips to stay on top of that work: blogger balance.

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