The Perfect ‘Healthy’ Snack

Well, It’s been hot minute since I’ve done a food related post on something I’ve actually made. As you may have seen all over my Instagram (if you’re not already following me… that’s rude, so please go do so), I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been working out a lot, I’ve been eating healthy food and wow, It’s been a struggle.

For me, the hardest thing is the food. I’m a massive food lover, I absolutely love eating. It’s literally my favourite pastime. So to be restricted on what I can eat, to be limited on snacks and to actually eat healthy, has been tough. The hardest part, the snacking. I’m a huge snacker. Getting home from work, snack. After dinner, snack. Anytime during the day, snack. My snack cupboard is my best friend.

With that said, I thought I’d try and up my snack game and make something that is perfect for this heatwave, something that takes care of that snack craving but ultimately, something that’s going to be healthy… or healthy -ish at least.

That’s where this comes in. I saw this on Joe Wicks: The Body Coach’s Instagram. I don’t really know what to call it… it’s sort of a yogurt- brittle. Basically it’s so simple thing to make, it’s great for this weather we’re having right now and it’s the perfect snack for when you’re feeling a little peckish.

// To Make \\

  • Mix Greek yogurt, Honey & a squeeze of Lime juice in a bowl.
  • Pour onto a baking tray
  • Add any berries you wish, I’ve used Raspberries & Strawberries & if you like, you can add Pecans.
  • Then put in the freezer overnight for some kick ass snackage!

And just like that, you’ve got the perfect summertime treat. This is the perfect mix between naughty & nice. You’ve got the natural yogurt and fruit which is good for you, a little sweetness from the honey and freshness from the Lime. I truly believe it’s all about everything in moderation. You can’t simply live off fruit and veg, you do need something to spice up your diet and this is the perfect happy medium.

I’m super excited to make this again and try experimenting with different fruits and flavours. I really want to try it with sliced banana. Maybe even a tropical rendition with Mango & Pineapple. The possibilities really are endless.

So there you have it. Me, dipping my toe back into the ‘food blogger’ world and bringing you something I hope you’ll all enjoy. Like I’ve said, it’s a great way to beat this heatwave we’re in and the perfect alternative to an ice cream… but don’t get it twisted, it’s definitely not as good as Ben & Jerry’s, noooo way!

If you’ve liked today’s post, if you try out the recipe for yourself or if you have any perfect, healthy snack ideas, then let me know down below in the comments… I’d love to hear from you. But for now, that’s it from me & I’ll see you back here on Monday.

| By Harrison |


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