And So It Begins…

This photo was taken the day I handed in my notice.

And so it begins… As of last Friday, I’m officially working my notice. Yep, that’s right. I’ve handed in my four weeks notice and I’m now on countdown to becoming unemployed… oh holy cow!!

This is where things really start to feel real. For the past few months, I’ve just been ticking over, waiting for things to start moving. I can’t quite believe how quick the time has gone from me Deciding To Pack It All In and me actually going. I know I did a post about it last week but I’m really keen to document my full journey.

For me life is drastically about to change. For the first time since leaving school, I’m going to be unemployed. For the first time EVER I’m going to be travelling around the world BY MY SELF. I’ll be moving to a country where I know a handful of people, with the wide open road ahead of me and my future completely up in the air… and I couldn’t be more excited.

Don’t get me wrong. As brave and heroic it might seem that I’m giving up my life here in the UK, living my dream and travelling around the world… It’s still pretty freakin’ scary. I’m sooooo scared. I’ll have moments where I’ll be sat there thinking about it all & then the smallest little thing makes me think “Nahhhh, what am I doing, not for me“. I’m such an over-thinker at times, I think about the worst case scenario and scare myself into thinking this isn’t for me. But then I soon snap out of it. I soon realise this is what I was born to do, this is in my blood. It’s what I’ve dreamt about for the last 10 years, It’s all I’ve thought about. Day in, day out. This is my dream.

I’m sort of writing this blog post as a little memory for myself. I’d love to read this back in a few months time and see where I am. To see if I’m enjoying my time in New Zealand, If I’ve fully embraced the experience and to see if all the scares & worries were worth it.

Life is changing, I’m changing and so is the blog. I’m so excited to bring you all along with my on my journey, to fully embrace the Travel Blogger lifestyle and to create some off my best content yet. I have so many hopes & dreams for this move to New Zealand and I’m beyond excited to see where it takes me.

The countdown has well and truly begun. 4 weeks at work, then a month off in the UK to wrap it all up then board that 26 hour flight and make my way to New Zealand. We’re in for a long one!

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