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Being a ‘Digital Content Creator’ requires a lot of stuff, more specifically a lot of accessories. Asides from the obvious ones like a camera & laptop, theres a lot that goes into creating content. Today I thought I’d give you a little behind the scenes of what goes into creating consistent content and a rundown of my go-to tech accessories.

// Micro Muff \\

This one goes out to the video creators out there. You may have seen these before, they’re called Micro Muffs… yeah, not the best name in the world. They’re a little fluffy thing that sits over the microphone of your camera to stop that awful wind disturbance in videos. An essential for outdoor filming and a lifesaver when it comes to quality content. This is something new to my stash and something I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while. Hello ugly fluffy thing, goodbye awful sound quality.

Get yours >> HERE <<

// Lenses \\

Lenses are definitely something I class as an accessory. They can be changed up so much & have so many different variations, yet they’re essential to creating any kind of content. For me, it’s all about picking a lens that does it all. One you can use for multiple different things, in multiple different ways and essentially, avoids you carrying around about 10 different lenses. The lens I’ve used for the past year is the Pancake Lens. A fixed lens that provides the most perfect depth of field. Not great if you’re needing a zoom, but for me it’s really upped my blog photography & outfit shots. I move between 2-3 lenses but most of the time, just stick to this one. (Note, the lens photographed isn’t the pancake lens… I was shooting on it so could picture it)

Get yours >> HERE <<

// Tripod \\

Sometimes I wish I had a full on, floor standing tripod but I just know I wouldn’t use it. Therefore I always move between 2 smaller ones. For my vlogging camera, I permanently have that mounted on the Manfrotto Pixi tripod. A vloggers favourite and one that has come in so handy over the past few months. Great for holding the camera and setting up quick time-lapse’. Whenever I need a little extra height or I’m shooting on my DSLR, I always revert to my Joby Gorilla Pod. A real hardwearing, sturdy tripod that literally attaches to everything. Micro tripods are way handier than you think.

Manfrotto Tripod – Get yours >> HERE <<

Joby Gorilla Pod – Get yours >> HERE <<

// Hardrive \\

Storing your content is key. A standard laptop isn’t going to have the memory to keep it all, especially if you dabble in both photo & video content. So picking the right hardrive is really important, also if you have an Apple product, not all hardrives are compatible. I chose this MyPassport for Mac as it was the sleekest one I could find, it was 1TB (I think) and it was also reasonably priced. So grab yourself a hardrive that’s reliable, got enough storage & one that’s not too bulky!

Get yours >> HERE <<

// Power Bank \\

Then it comes to charging everything. iPhone’s are renowned for having pretty crappy battery and whilst you’re travelling around, you can’t always rely on having electricity to charge everything. So I’ve recently picked up a power bank. This is going to come in so handy whilst I’m on the road. It’ll mean I can go about my day, using my phone as a Sat Nav or as a camera, updating my social media and not having to worry about my battery running out. This Aukey power bank is a pretty hefty one, holding enough battery to recharge your phone 5 times… yeah that’s right, FIVE TIMES!! I have a feeling this is going to come in reeeeeal handy.

Get yours >> HERE <<


See, I told you there was a lot that goes into creating content. Although there is a lot here, it doesn’t always have to cost you an arm & a leg. All of these things I got a pretty reasonable price or whilst they were in the sale. However that said, I always see things like this as an investment. If they’re going to improve your content or make your content creating easier, than they’re well worth the money.

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