The July Roundup | By Harrison

It’s weird how some month’s completely fly by and then others just drag on & on forever. I’ve felt pretty all over the place this month, not really know where I’m going, moments of complete boredom and then moments of utter inspiration and wanting to tackle everything there & then. Yeah, it’s been a weird one. Nevertheless, I’m back with another monthly roundup to finish off the month and prepare for the next. Spoiler: the next couple of months are about to get very exciting!

// Photography \\

Firstly this month I’ve been so pumped to finally get back into photography. I’ve written about it in this blog post >> HERE << but I often find that taking pictures for my blog, isn’t really photography. I look at them so separately but this month, I’ve really found my love for photography & have been getting out more to just shoot. The results have been amazing, I’m loving the content I’m putting out and I’m so excited to keep learning about my camera & how to use it properly.

// Photoshoots \\

Keeping on theme with photography. This month I have been going out a lot more on photoshoots to get content sorted for my blog. Having blogger friends is not only amazing because of the people they are, but also because of the skills they hold. Being photographed by other bloggers is definitely the most comfortable way for me to get content. This image above is one of my favourite pictures of myself… I’m sorry if everyone is sick of this outfit already! Thanks Liz for the shot.

// This Babe \\

Ooo this is like a well oiled machine right here, moving swiftly on to this one. Liz. From the moment I met her, I knew we were destined for a great friendship. Our love of food has bonded us forever and I’ve loved getting to know her a bit more. We took ourselves out for a big old photoshoot this month and managed to capture some of the most epic content… shame it was all ruined by a pretty crap KFC. You should all go and check out her blog, she’s amazing!! >> HERE <<

// PRIDE \\

Now this one was wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone and I’m actually pretty proud of myself for going. But this month I attended Bournemouth PRIDE with my good friend Shannon. Her and I used to be drinking buddies way back in the day when I used to be less of an old fart. Shannon finally managed to drag me out to PRIDE and surprisingly, I had a pretty good time. It was nice to see some familiar faces, some old flames and reconnect with the LGBT community. This was my last PRIDE here in Bournemouth for a while, so it was a nice send off! I recently wrote a blog post about how I don’t really drink, check that out >> HERE << and you’ll see why this was such a big deal to me.


// A Cocktail Masterclass \\

I was invited along to BeAtOne Bar here in Bournemouth for an evening of cocktail tasting and masterclass. Along with a few other Bournemouth Bloggers, we were propped at the bar with our own barman to teach us all about the different cocktails, for us to try some and to learn what the bar is all about. All BeAtOne bar’s are designed to be smaller & intimate, that way the barmen can socialise and really interact with all the guests and make sure each & every one of them is having a good time. I would thoroughly recommend popping in if you’re near one. I had all the virgin cocktails as I was the designated driver and ohmygod, they were incredible.

// My First Giveaway \\

Last but not least, my very first giveaway. I had been planning this for so long & couldn’t for the life of my decide what I was going to do. But finally I came up with the perfect idea… A travel inspired giveaway. Make sure you head over to my Instagram >> HERE << and enter… it’s super simple & you could be in with the chance to win all of these epic prizes!!


It’s been a weird old month, full of lots of different things, yet feeling quite slow and meh… like a said, a weird one. But hey ho, I’m very much looking forward to these next couple of months, to see what they have in store for me & to take me one step closer to my big New Zealand move!

| Harrison |


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