Beating The Sunday Night Blues | By Harrison

It’s quite often the worst part of the week, more so than a Monday Morning. Those Sunday night blues you get when the realisation kicks in that the weekend is over, it’s Monday tomorrow & you’ve got an entire week of work ahead of you. The next weekend seems so far away and you wish for nothing more but to have that Friday feeling all over again. Yeah, Sunday nights suck!

Well today I thought I’d put together a little post all about how to beat them. If I’m completely honest, no matter what you do, Sunday night is always going to have a big old cloud hanging over its head… unless you either LOVEEEE your job, if you’re off on holiday or you simply don’t work. With that said, follow the few simple steps below and help kick that Sunday feeling right where the sun doesn’t shine.

// Plan Your Week \\

I quite often spend a Sunday night planning my week ahead. Getting organised, sorting things out and planning in events, dinners and such like to keep me on track. Doing this ensures I have something to look forward to for the week ahead, I know exactly what’s happening day by day and it means the week ahead is a little less daunting.

// Do Something You Love \\

Don’t make Sunday nights all about wallowing in self-pity and mourning the loss of the weekend. Do something you love, occupy yourself and make Sunday nights about something entertaining. For me, I spend Sunday nights on the sofa, watching Countryfile whilst taking part in the #BlogosphereChat. This is a routine I’ve developed over the years and now, I almost look forward to sitting down at the end of the weekend and chatting to other bloggers and chilling out before Monday strikes.

// Pamper Yo’self \\

Sunday’s are traditionally all about winding down, relaxing and spending time with family. So what better way to wind down the week & get prepared for a new one than to have a good old pamper session. Whatever makes you feel good, do it. For me, it’s as simple as putting on my favourite face mask & sitting in front of the TV. For others, it could be an entire head to toe session. Sunday nights are pamper night.

It doesn’t have to be anything too full on, it really can just be the simplest of things that can turn that dark pit of a Sunday night, right around to something a little more tolerable. So, here’s to kicking Monday’s ass, starting the week off with a bang and having a cracking week!

| Harrison |


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