5 Ways I’m Trying To Being Healthier | By Harrison

This is a post very much inspired by friend & fellow blogger Jaye Rocket. Being healthier isn’t something I’m very good at. I’m a sucker for a McDonalds or KFC, I love me some cake and sitting on the sofa all day. That’s a sport where I’m gold-medal-standard. So needless to say, being healthier hasn’t been easy. But with that said, I’ve been trying and after all, that’s what it’s all about. So here goes: The 5 Ways I’m Trying To Be Healthier.

// Food \\

Me & diets just aren’t friends. Think of it like a couple that’s divorcing. We’ve tried to make things work, in several different ways. We’ve tried counselling, time apart, we’ve even tried seeing different people. But in the end, we’re just not meant to be. Yeah, that’s how me and diets are. So when it comes to eating healthier, that’s all I’m doing. I’m not going on some crazy strict diet, I’m not cutting out anything & everything and solely living on crackers. All I’m doing is cutting down on the sh*t stuff and injecting a little more goodness into my diet. Just be more conscious about what you’re putting in your body… less bread, more salad. That kinda thing.

// Intermittent Fasting \\

That brings me on to I.F. There are many different variations of intermittent fasting, the 5:2, 16:8… yeah, I could go on. I’ve spoken all about my experience with I.F in this post >>HERE<< so check that out to hear all about how it works. Recently I’ve started to implement that back into my diet. It’s worked really well for me before so I thought I’d give it another shot. Quick point: I.F is a change of eating pattern, not a diet. You still eat the same amount of calories, you just change the way in which your body processes them. It’s not for everyone, do your research beforehand but it worked for me.

// Yoga \\

I never thought I’d be one of those bloggers that can sit there & happily talk about yoga. Forget that, I never thought I’d be the type of person to sit there & talk happily about yoga. However recently I’ve discovered Yoga By Adrienne and I couldn’t be happier. For years I’ve suffered with my back. To be fair, most of it is my posture. But I constantly have a tight or aching back and recently I got so sick of it, I found help in the shape of a Youtube video. Since then, I’ve been loving a spot of yoga here & there, stretching out my back and really becoming more flexible. I never knew just breathing in the right way could make you feel so much better. Check out this vlog >>HERE<< of when I first tried yoga.

// Move More \\

I don’t like to say I’m exercising because 1) that would be a lie and 2) I’ve never been a big fan of that word. Let’s just call it moving more. Being more conscious of how much time I spend on my arse and trying to fix the ratio of arse to feet time. Move more, make more of an effort to get up and walk around. Walk to the shop rather than drive, go for a walk rather than sit on the sofa all day. Just make some subtle changes that’ll make a huge difference.

// Water \\

To be fair, this is something we should all be doing. Drinking at least 2 litres a day. Day’s would go by where I’d have a couple of coffees at work, a few teas and maybe the odd glass of water. That would be it for my liquid intake. How wrong is that?! I’ve been making such an effort to up my water intake and let me tell you, I feel a hell of a lot better. My skin looks better, I feel better and overall, just feel healthier. Drinking that much really flushes out your body & helps you function better on a day to day basis. Try it but we warned, you’ll be pissing like a race horse!


So there you have it. 5 quick & simple ways I’m trying to be healthier. It’s not rocket science, it doesn’t take a genius but just changing a few little habits can make all the difference. Thank’s Jaye for the inspo for today’s post, if you’ve not already then make sure to head over to her blog… it’s stunning!

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  1. 18/07/2018 / 19:45

    This was a great post! Good luck with your health journey!

    • harrisonbeach
      21/07/2018 / 15:05

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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