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We’re already a week into July and I’m still completely overwhelmed with how quick this year is going. One minute I was paying for my Visa back in April & the next thing I know, I’ve got 3 months left in the country, I leave work in 2 & life here is quickly coming to a close. Wha?!

With that said, I thought I’d bring you a post I’ve been contemplating for a while now. I couldn’t decide whether to do it in video format or here on the blog, and as you can tell I opted for the latter. Here’s how I plan my trips, how I’ve planned this trip and tips on how I think you could plan your trip. Yeah, this blog post is about planning trips.

// How Long \\

The first thing for me is always how long I want my trip to be. Whether I’m doing a long weekend, a week away, a month or in my case, several years. Figure out how long you want to be gone for and then ¬†plan the trip around that.

// Where You Want To Go \\

This seems like the most obvious one and tbh, it is. But it’s so important to figure out exactly where it is you want to go. Start with country, then break it down to city, town, suburb. Really knuckle down the places you want to go, how many places you want to visit and get a really good idea of what you want to see.

// What You Want To Do \\

That then brings me nicely into my next point. What you want to do. Once you’ve figure out how long you’re going to be gone for, where it is you want to go, it’s then time to decide what you want to do. Do you want to sit on a beach all day drinking Pina Coladas? Do you want a city break? Or do you want to travel the entire country? Get in your head the things you’re looking to do on your trip so you can see everything, waste no time and so you can fit in as much as possible.

// Your Budget \\

Then once you’ve done all that, it’s time to talk money. This is sometimes the very first point you’ll work with, sometimes it’s the last. But wherever this is on your priority list, make sure it is a priority. Working to a budget is so important for any trip because if you don’t, soon the dollar signs will grow, the bank balance will shrink and before you know it, you’ve spent your entire budget before you’ve even left the country. Work on a budget, work within that budget & stick. to. the budget.


So there you have it. The four tips I use whenever I’m planning my holidays, trips & travels. Whether these work for you or not, who knows? But for me, they’ve never let me down, they’ve enabled me to see some incredible places around the world and they’re what I’ve been working with when planning my trip to New Zealand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays post. If it helps or if you’ve got any tips of your own, make sure to leave a comment below letting me know!

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