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This one goes out to all my fellow bloggers in particular. However, regardless of your job or passion, I feel anyone could draw inspiration from todays blog post. I spend a lot of time with other bloggers, luckily enough for me the community in Bournemouth is relatively big, so we get to meet up quite frequently. We often spend time talking about the blogging world as a whole, how each of us do it and the schedules we stick to. Everyone has their own story, their own way of making their blogs work and some people really just don’t have it under control at all. I pride myself in keeping a really good balance of quality content, but keeping things going in the quantity department as well.

Today I’m going to give you a few of my biggest organisational tips, tips on how I manage to balance a full time job, a social calendar and pump out the content regularly and consistently. Welcome to Harrison’s guide to staying ‘on top of it’.

// Schedule \\

I’ve seen a few blog posts recently that refer to people as not having a schedule and them explaining the reasons behind it. To me, that seems completely ludicrous. Whether it’s a blogging schedule or just a schedule for your every day life, some form of schedule needs to be in place. A routine, a rhythm, just something that ensures both you, your readers and the people around you that things are going to get done.

Take me for example. My content schedule is blog posts on Monday’s & Wednesday’s with a video every Sunday. Yes, I appreciate that’s a lot of content, a lot of ideas that need to be created and a lot of time and effort that has to go in to making it all happen. However, for me it works and for you guys, you know that on those three days of the week, you’re getting new content from moi. Once you’ve got a schedule sorted, one that you can stick to, you can then begin to work your life around it.

// Little Black Book \\

The book can be any colour you choose. But have some kind of notepad to hand where you store your ideas. For years I had all blog ideas listed in the Notes section of my phone. The moment I transitioned over to the traditional ways of pen & paper, my life changed. Having my little black book of blogging ideas, has been a game changer in ensuring I have enough content to consistently pump out.

This one I’ve been using for a while now and one you’ve seen on here many times before is from Appointed. This is literally my bible when it comes to brainstorming ideas for my blog and youtube channel. I have lists upon lists of different concepts, full on planned out content and just random words or phrases I like, that I think would work well in a blog post. Without this, I’d be completely lost.

// Calendar \\

Again, this isn’t a blogger only tip, this is could be used for anyone. But have a calendar. Whether that be a paper one pinned up on your wall or whether it be the calendar in your phone. Just make sure whatever method you choose, you use it. Know when s**t is happening and when s**t needs to happen.

For me, the calendar on my phone works best. What I really like about it is the ability to add different calendars, in different colours so you can tell them apart. I have my personal calendar, my work calendar and my blog calendar. They all come together nicely on the same page and I can easily see when different events, posts or work things are happening. This way, I can easily stay on top of my life, my content and everything else I have going on. It’s also really nice to be able to look back and see just how much you’ve crammed into a week, month or even a year. You’ll surprise yourself!

// Discipline \\

Last but not least, discipline. It’s all well and good having different schedules in place, notebooks and calendars coming out of your ears, but if you’re not going to be disciplined enough to create the content, what’s the point? Have the tools in place, but make sure you’re passionate enough to use them.

At the end of the day, you can only rely on you. If you’re serious enough about something then you’ll make sure you allow yourself the time to get it done. For me, I use the weekends, Saturdays’ in particular to get the content created. Whether that be taking the pictures or writing the posts. I use the weekends to get the bulk of it created, which allows me enough time during the week for the old 9-5 and to see my friends. Make time for what you love.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and it’s given you the inspiration you need to make your dreams and passions happen. I know for me, without the above tips there would be no way in a million years this amount of content would be uploaded regularly. But hey, I absolutely love it, it’s my biggest passion in life and I’ve given myself enough time to make it happen.

Back to real life however. Today is my first day back at work after a week off and I’m less than impressed about that. Have a great Monday & I’ll see you back here in a couple of days.

| Harrison |


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