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This is a bit of a strange & personal one for me. This is something I’ve never really talked about before both on here and with my friends & family. But today I thought I’d do a little personal post all about why I don’t drink. Really, it should be called “Why I don’t get drunk” but I didn’t think it sounded as good. Before I start, a little disclosure: This is all just my experiences, no offence is meant in the creation of this blog post.

So let’s go way back to the start. The very first time I ever got drunk was at the age of 16, in Spain on a holiday with all my friends. To be fair, the holiday was dodgy AF anyway. 8 16 yr-olds, 1 adult and a stalker Dad that followed us the entire trip. Yeah, dodgy. But nevertheless that was my first experience getting drunk. After that, it didn’t really happen again until I was over 18. I’ve never been one to have that desire to go out clubbing and get drunk, it’s just not in me. But come the age of 19, my friends and I quickly started a trend of going out every week. We would go out every weekend, spending in excess of £60, waisting so much money on getting drunk and wasting so much time nursing the hangover. That sort of lifestyle must come to an end at some point. And once it did, I never went back.

Jump to the present day. I’m at the ripe old age of 24, I’ve not been drunk in a good couple of years and I’ll tell you what, I’ve not missed it at all. Now, the idea of getting dressed up and heading down town is my idea of hell. Let me tell you why.

// Small Town \\

Firstly and probably quite surprisingly, I’m a very private person. Considering I put most of my life online for people to see, I’m actually pretty private. The difference is, I have control of what goes online, so I can filter out any bits I don’t wish to share. Bournemouth is a very small town. Everyone know’s everyone and everyone has slept with everyone. Especially the gay community. The gossip and rumours that get spread, is quite frankly sickening. Luckily I’ve only ever been on the receiving end of just a very small handful of rumours, but needless to say, it’s not pleasant. Just how small this community is make’s me feel quite claustrophobic and for me, it’s easier to just not put myself in that situation than to have to deal with the ramifications.

// Safety \\

Let’s be honest, nothing good comes of alcohol. The older, the more sensible and the wiser I’ve become, the more aware I am of the dangers of alcohol. I’ve actually had my drink spiked once before and it was horrific, luckily I knew exactly what was happening and could get in a taxi and head home before anything got too crazy. It’s everyone else around me that I’m wary of. The fights that are created, the creepy weirdos and just the general environment that drinking creates. I have a real odd phobia of being out at night. If I’m out at night, I like to know my exact exit strategy in the event of anything. It’s a weird hang up that’s developed over time. I’d much rather be sat at home in my pyjamas, eating a takeaway and watching a film.

// The Effects \\

This is probably the most overdramatic point of them all but I just don’t think my body can take it. The hangovers are horrendous, I CONSTANTLY need a wee whenever I drink and how it makes me feel is just isn’t nice. I like to be in complete control of what I’m saying and doing at all times and I feel alcohol, to an extent, takes away that control. Yeah, I feel old after writing that part.


Now, this isn’t me slating people who drink alcohol. I drink it, I enjoy a G&T or a glass of wine here and there, I love a good beer garden or a casual drinking environment. But what I am saying is that whole ‘going out and getting slaughtered‘ attitude, really isn’t for me.

I’m such an old man, I know!

I hope this helps some of you to know, getting drunk isn’t everything. You can actually have fun without alcohol and actually, it’s pretty normal not to want to get wasted all the time. For those of you who do love it, you do you hunni! Each to their own.

| Harrison |


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