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Yep, it’s that time of year again. Father’s Day. Every year, without fail I always leave gift shopping to the very last minute. This year however, I vowed to myself that won’t happen, I’m going to get ahead of the game and be completely on it! But you know me, I’m not selfish, I want to share how ‘on it’ I am and ensure that you guys are on it as well.

Today I’m going to share with you a few gift idea’s you could buy your dad this Father’s Day. I always like to go a little different and put some genuine thought into the gifts. So without further ado, welcome to my Father’s Day Gift Guide.

// bakerdays Letterbox Cake \\

This was something I had never heard of before until Bakerdays reached out to me asking to send me a cake. In short bakerdays are an incredible brand that deliver custom cakes to your door… THAT GO THROUGH THE FREAKIN’ LETTERBOX. You have thousands of custom designs to choose from, a great range of flavours and also the ability to add a personalised message. Like I said, I had never heard of this but now that I have, my family had better watch out, they’re getting one every year!

What’s even better? Well I get to give you guys 15% off your cake. Use code >> BYHARRISON15 << at checkout and you’ll bag yourself a cheeky discount. A great gift & discount… perfect combination if you ask me!

// Grooming Products \\

This one goes out to the modern dad’s out there. The dad’s, like mine that have been converted into the grooming world… with my help, of course. Grooming products are such a great gift to get for Father’s Day as let’s be honest, not many men are going to proactively go out there and shop for grooming products. I’ve mentioned these products before in this blog post >> HERE << but Admiral Grooming are a really affordable, natural skincare brand specifically for men. If your dad has a beard, they do some great beard oils & grooming sets!

Again, you’re all lucky enough to receive a discount on their products courtesy of moi! Use code >>HBEACH25<< at checkout to bag yourself 25% off! That’s a huge discount that I’m sure will come in handy this Father’s Day.

// Aftershave \\

Now who doesn’t love aftershave? This is definitely up there with the more extravagant gifts, especially for Father’s Day. However, if you’re feeling generous this Father’s Day then I’m sure your dad would really appreciate a new fragrance. I know Superdrug have some great deals on right now.

My favourite scents at the moment are The Scent by Hugo Boss & Gucci Guilty.. by Gucci obvs!

// The Personal Gift \\

Father’s Day isn’t all about spending loads of money. It’s also about the personal, thought out gifts. Whether it be something that would come in really handy, something they’ve wanted for ages and something you’ll know would make them really happy. Or whether it be something as simple as a picture of all the kids together or a picture from a holiday or a loved memory. 9 times out of 10, a personal gift is going to be way more appreciated than one you’ve spent a fortune on but not thought out.

So there you have it guys. A gift guide for Father’s Day, delivered to you way in advance for you to have time to order your cake, buy your skincare or just to give you some shopping inspiration for when you head out on your mission to get the perfect gift. A reminder for you all, Father’s Day in the UK is on the 17th of June… Don’t forget!

This post has contained an advertorial for bakerdays. I have done a previous post dedicated to the advertorial for Admiral Grooming, I just included the products in today’s post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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