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When it comes to blogging, it’s so easy to look at others and think you must have exactly the same as them. Just because one blogger is successful, it doesn’t mean if you buy exactly what they have, you’ll be successful to. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. However, look no further as today I’ll be showing you exactly where to and where not to invest when it comes to your blog.

If you start your blogging journey with an open mind, with freedom and simply doing it for the love of it, then investment doesn’t even need to be discussed. However, if you’re looking to grow your blog, make it look a little more ‘put together‘ and grab the attention of wider audiences and brands, then yes, that’s when it’s time to sit down and think about where to invest your money. But hey, that’s what I’m here for.

// Where NOT To Invest \\

Let’s start with where NOT to invest. This is the part that’s going to save you the most time and money & the part that I wish I had known before going into this whole blogging thing. Don’t forget, these are just my own opinions. This has worked for me but it might not for you.

~ The Camera ~

This is probably one of the most controversial of the lot. Here me out! Yes, a blog is all about imagery and yes, the higher quality camera you have, the better the image… or so you think. What makes a camera great is actually the lenses, so if you’re going to invest anywhere when it comes to your camera, then invest in the lens. However, if you’re not planning on printing up your images, then what’s the point in dropping £5000+ on something like the Canon 5D just because everyone else has it. At the end of the day, the picture is only ever doing to be as good as the resolution on your computer screen.

All of my blog pictures are taken on my Canon 12ooD that I bought for about £200, 5 years ago. Yes, I’ve updated the lens to a much better one, which in turn gives me the higher quality pictures. But still, it’s not £5000! Also, your iPhone. iPhone’s create some really great imagery, with a little editing, you’re good to go. Be smart when it comes to cameras.

~ The Subject ~

Blog what you’re doing. What do I mean by that? Well simply, write about what you’re up to. People buy into people. So writing about your everyday life or writing about what you got up to at the weekend is what people are going to be interested in. Don’t feel you have to go out and buy a whole bunch of products to review or pay to get into some extravagant country park just to take pictures. Simply use your everyday life as the content for your blog.

People often make this mistake in thinking that their lives aren’t interesting enough to write about so they fake it by trying to buy their way to an interesting life. What skincare products do you already use? Write about those. Don’t waste money on things you’ll probably never use again just for the sake of a blog post.

~ The Software ~

Just because a blogger you know & love edits their pictures in Lightroom, doesn’t mean you need to pay £200+ and edit yours on there as well. Fun fact and one I’ve explained in this Youtube video >>HERE<<, I edit all my photo’s on App’s on my phone. Snapseed, FaceTune & VSCO. Use them in the right way & you’ll never know. Don’t waste your money on software you probably won’t have a clue how to use.

It goes with video editing. Don’t spend £££’s on Final Cut, when the Mac’s come with iMovie for free. Yes, it can be a bit more restricting, but until you’re earning money from your hobby, there’s no point in spending it.

// Where TO Invest \\

Wow, this blog post is turning out to be longer than I ever thought. But hey, let’s just go with it. Now it’s time to jump right in to where I think the investments are needed, where money is going to be well spent and what’s going to make the biggest impact to you and your blog.

~ Behind The Scenes ~

This seems a little stupid, considering a blog is all about the ‘front of house‘ and what people can see but actually, what’s behind the scenes is so important. By this I mean everything from Domain, Hosting Platform & Theme. Purchasing your own domain is firstly going to make it look waaay more professional, so rather than it being, it becomes Trust me, it’s a lot better! Also, where you host your blog. Investing that little bit more money in going ‘self hosted’ is going to benefit you massively. It helps when approaching companies & brands for them to see you really are taking it seriously and also, it gives you way more freedom in the theme and layout of your blog.

I used Pipdig to go self hosted. It was the most simple & easy process, they did everything for me and helped with the design of the new blog. If you’re thinking of going Self Hosted, definitely check them out! This is not an AD btw, I just freakin’ love them.

~ Social Media ~

This isn’t so much a money investment, more of a time investment. But invest your time into your social media. Have a complete over-haul of it, make sure it all marries up, it all matches and compliments each other. Link them together, mirror your bio’s and ensure that your audience are going to identify you across all social media platforms.

A simple trick with this. The profile picture. Make sure you have the same profile picture across all social media platforms, that way you’ll be easily recognisable and works well with the consistency of your platforms.

~ Props ~

This sort of flies in the face of my point about not investing in the subject of your pictures. Again, hear me about & it’ll all become clear. This point is for those of you who love a flatlay or any kind of product shot. You’ll often see in a lot of blogger pictures, they either have a backdrop or props, or both in their pictures. These are the small little things that just compliment the picture and make it look that little more professional. This is where you want to be spending the dollar, not on the actual product themselves. Buy yourself a couple of good, classic and clean looking backdrops & a few props to compliment the pictures and you’ll find those product shots are a lot easier in the future.

A good idea for backdrops is either just a piece of white card if you just want it plain, wallpaper cuttings or planks of wood. It really depends on what theme you’re going for but invest in the background of your images & it’ll make the whole thing look more effortless!

Well, I think this is the longest blog post I’ve ever written. It’s one of those ones where I start writing & just can’t stop… a little word vomit if you will. I hope this has helped though. Blogging doesn’t have to be all about spending a shit-tonne of money on products, software and fancy cameras. If you make it, it really can be quite inexpensive. Don’t lose sight of the hobby at hand and get so caught up in trying to grow your blog that you end up spending a small fortune.


As I said, I hope you’ve found this a little helpful & in the long run, I hope it saves your precious moolah! But for now, I think that’s enough rambling. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for another one!

| Harrison |


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