The May Roundup | By Harrison

Well here we are again, can you believe it, another month has come to an end? I cannot believe just how quick May has gone and how much has happened. I feel like it’s been a completely non-stop month, full of so many amazing things and some pretty huge life changes. Let’s round them all up, take a look back over the month of May & get ourselves ready for June… It’s officially summer!

// The Announcement \\

First and foremost, probably the most exciting thing to happen all year, let alone just this month. I ANNOUNCED I WAS GOING TRAVELLING. Check out the video above if you’ve not seen that yet and also take a look at this blog post >> HERE << for a little more info. But yes, I’m leaving. I’m packing it all in, quitting my job and travelling the world. I’m heading to New Zealand first for a couple years and see where it takes me. Finally, Im pursuing something I’ve dreamt of for years and I can’t believe it’s actually happening. So yeah, announcing that was a pretty big deal.

// I Booked My Flight \\

Announcing it was one thing, but actually booking the flights was when it all became real to me. May saw me secure the flight I need to get me all the way across the other side of the world and into Auckland, New Zealand. I’ll be taking a mammoth 26 hour flight, crossing several timezones and heading down under. My flight is booked, the Visa is accepted… New Zealand, I’m coming for ya!

// Stats \\

Finally it seems hard work is paying off. This month has seen me have my most successful month over here on ByHarrison. Stats-wise, I’ve seen a huge increase. I’ve seen repeat & regular readers come to the blog, my social media platforms have grown and I finally feel like all this hard work is really starting to show. By no means is it all about the numbers but it is reassuring to see the figures are building up and people are actually interested. So thanks guys!!

// Blogger Mail \\

Keeping on the theme of the blog, this month has been pretty hectic. I’ve attended some really cool events and have received some email invites to more coming up. Meeting other bloggers and catching up with friends has been amazing. Not only that but I’ve also received my first ever blogger mail. Admiral Grooming sent me some products to try which I’ve written about >> HERE << and also Bakerdays have sent me a cake… Free cake, yes please! The Bakerdays blog post will be coming very soon! So yeah, blog-wise I’ve had a good month.

// Youtube \\

And last but by no means least, Youtube. Finally after months of radio silence, I feel like I’m getting into the swing of Youtube again. This year alone, I’ve posted more videos than ever before. I’ve found my style, I’ve got into the groove of things and I’ve actually enjoyed putting out content over on my channel. If you’re not already, then go over and subscribe for weekly videos!


So there we have it folks, another month done and one step closer to the big move. May has definitely not been one for disappointments & I’m excited to see what June has on offer and also… THE SUMMER! The weather has been pretty decent recently, let’s hope it sticks around!

| Harrison |


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  1. 02/06/2018 / 20:09

    It always feels glorious and comforting when discovering your own personal style! I’m still working on it but congrats on finding your groove!
    xoxo, Nora

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