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Welcome to a freshly squeezed blog post. If you’re reading this on upload day, then just know this post was written just last night, whilst sat in front of the TV watching Emmerdale. Yes, I live a wild life.  Also, welcome to my first ever review of a series. So hold tight, don’t expect great things and I’ll try my best to avoid any spoilers.

Safe: A Netflix Original is by far one of the best things I’ve watched on Netflix in yonks. In brief, it’s set in a gated community in the UK where Tom’s (played by Michael C. Hall) daughter goes missing. Struggling to connect to his daughters after the death of his wife, the disappearance of his eldest daughter sparks outcry in the community. The series is centred around the journey to find her, the stories of the families in the community and the ever so complicated ways in which they know each other.

As if the search for his daughter isn’t stressful enough, her boyfriend turns up dead after a house party. One dead boyfriend, one missing daughter… things aren’t looking good. Luckily for Tom, his girlfriend (played by Amanda Abbington) happens to be the detective on the case.

From the very opening scene I was completely hooked. You quickly learn how complex each character is, how intertwined their lives are and it soon becomes apparent how many layers there are to each story. With so much history between neighbours, juxtaposed with the modern day friendships their children have developed, Tom leaves no stone unturned on his mission to find his daughter. The big question is: Does Tom really want to know why she’s disappeared? Does he really want to learn the truth behind the community he lives in?

The entire time, I was completely on the edge of my seat. The storyline leads you down so many different paths then completely throws you. I binge-watched the whole series in just two days and trust me, upon the big reveal, you’ll be completely shook.

I completely applaud Harlan Coben, the creator of Safe for such exemplar writing. I don’t know how he’s come up with a series, full of so many twists and turns, with so many layers to the plot, yet keeps it interesting and simple enough to keep up with. As I mentioned, each character has such a chequered past, linked with every other character, yet Harlan has managed to tie it all together perfectly, wrapping up the story with the biggest twist of all. This really is an outstanding series.


Grab yourself some snacks, free up an evening and get binging. To begin with, Safe had a very Broadchurch-esque feel to it. A small town, struck by an almighty tragedy and at the heart of it, a police officer. A police officer, a pillar of the community, wrapped up in the chequered past of her neighbours.

If you can’t already guess, I was a huge fan Safe. With just 8 episodes, set across 4 days, it’s a fast-paced series, full of twists and turns, perfect for an evening of binge watching greatness.

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