Switching Off From Everyday Life | By Harrison

Yes, I actually did a photoshoot in my dressing gown…

I came up with the idea for today’s blog post whilst sat around a table with a bunch of friends. These friends also happen to be bloggers. We were out celebrating Emma’s birthday when all the food arrived and BAM, out came the cameras. We all went into autopilot to capture the best shots when someone made the comment “Dammit, I’ve forgotten my camera!” and it was then, that we all just stopped. We stopped and realised “We’re not actually working or blogging, we’re here socially”.

It made me realise that I never actually switch off. Even when I’m out with friends, I’m always thinking of creating content. This doesn’t have to stop at bloggers. It’s helpful for anyone in any career path to know when it’s the right time to switch off. To put the work away, put the phone down and just live in the present. So today I thought I’d share my tips & tricks on how I switch off.

Truthfully as bloggers I don’t think you can. For me anyway, my blog is so intertwined with my everyday life. As a creator or creative, I seek every opportunity to create content. Whether that be a flatlay of my meal, whether it be a landscape shot of the forest or whether it be a simple selfie. As creators, you never stop creating.

But the longer I’ve been doing this, the more I’ve realised the importance of switching off. The importance of just enjoying real life and letting go of the pressure to always ‘capture the shot’. You can’t always be switched on, everyone needs their down time.

// Leave The Phone At Home \\

Whether you’re just going to the shops, heading out for dinner or going out for a walk in the forest, just leave the phone at home. Most people reading this blog post don’t remember the days of no phones (me included), but think about it. Once upon a time, people didn’t actually have phones, let alone have them surgically attached to their waist. Be a bit more in the present and just leave it at home.

// Resist The Urge \\

If you do feel like taking you phone with you. If you couldn’t possibly leave the house without your phone, then please take it with you but resist the urge to use that camera. Believe it or not, you don’t have to take a picture of everything.

// Take A Break \\

Whether it be an hour, a day or a week. Take a break from working, go shopping, go for a walk or even just watch a film. Take a break and relax. I find as a blogger, it’s easy to take your work with you. I could write a blog post whilst lying in bed, at a cafe, on the sofa in the evening, on my lunch break.. wherever I am I can work. Yes, that can be a great thing for my productivity levels, however for my brain, it doesn’t always do me good. Take. That. Break.

// Do Nothing \\

Honestly, can you tell me the last time you sat there and did nothing. No distractions, no phone, no TV, no book. Just sat there and be at one with your thoughts? Yeah, if you think about it, I bet it was a long time ago. Now our conservatory has been finished, I love nothing more than sitting in the chair, looking over the garden with a cup of tea and just think. Clearing your thoughts or just being at one with them, is quite often a very difficult pill to swallow but one that you’ll definitely appreciate.

Apologies for the essay of a blog post but I hope you take something away from this. Even if you just adapt one these points, I’m sure It will massively help. What do you do to switch off? How do you make sure you get your down time? Let me know in the comments below.

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