Foody Friday | By Harrison

Yes I know, this doesn’t look very photogenic. That aside, this was probably one of the best bangers & mash I’ve ever had. So last weekend whilst out on our usual family walk, we decided to head into Swanage to grab some lunch. When ordering, this just jumped out to all of us. Basically a posh bangers and mash.

This was Pork Sausages with Bubble & Squeek and a red onion & red wine gravy. Those little bits on the top, yeah they’re parsnip crisps… strange idea but perfectly executed. The sausages we’re cooked to perfection, having never tried bubble & squeak before I was pleasantly surprised and not a huge lover of red wine gravy, this one was pretty darn good.

I think what made this place so good was that we hadn’t planned it. It was a new place for us to try and the food was amazing. If you’re ever in Swanage, we ate at Bull And Boat. We sat outside, overlooking the beach and watched our Sunday pass us by.

Great food & great company… that’s what weekends are all about. Am I right?


I hope you all have an amazing weekend… hopefully the weather cheers up, after all it is a Bank Holiday. Eat some good food, spend time with family & enjoy your long weekend. I’ll see you back here on Monday!

| Harrison |


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