Quiz Night At Ojo Rojo | By Harrison

Yep, I’m coming at you with another event… this time it’s a quiz night! My blogger calendar is pretty jam packed right now. I’ve got events going on here, there & everywhere and I’ll tell you what, I’m loving it.

Last week I was invited to Ojo Rojo in Bournemouth to attend their quiz night, try their food and sample their cocktails. Ojo Rojo was founded by 2 guys whilst they were travelling. On their travels they came across a gentleman who was also from Bournemouth and they got chatting. The conversation led to them saying “You’d never get anything like this in Bournemouth” and with that, Ojo Rojo was born.

Every Wednesday they hold a quiz night. Anyone is welcome to go along, join the fun and have some good food whilst doing it. Let me tell you, it was a pretty fun quiz. We all got so competitive with it and kicked ourselves when we got stuck on an answer. However, I’m super proud of myself for getting the anagram question right! The anagram was “ANAL EGG HOLLER”… which spoiler alert, is Noel Gallagher! Who knew, I’m actually good at something!

We learnt about their incredible Mescal cocktails which for anyone who doesn’t know what Mescal is, it’s basically a higher quality Tequila. They’re both extracted from the same plant, it’s just Mescal is stronger, better and nicer. Fun fact: Tequila isn’t meant to be a shot. It’s meant to sipped. Because it has so many botanicals in it, your body can’t handle it when taken as a shot which in turn, gives that burning sensation. Me not being a big Tequila fan, I was a little sceptical about trying the cocktails but let me tell you, they were freakin’ incredible and pretty strong if I do say so myself.

Then came the good stuff, the food. We had an array of dips and nachos to see us through the quiz and ohmygod, I could’ve eaten it all twice. The dip selection above is 2 different types of hummus with an avocado dip and some homemade bread.

These platters are so perfect for those occasions when you’re socialising with friends, drinking a few cocktails and taking in the atmosphere. Nothing too heavy but enough to satisfy the pallet.

Then the mammoth plate of nachos. Really, you can’t go wrong with nachos. The more the merrier in my eyes.

And to finish up, we had another dip selection, this time including a sweetcorn dip and a tomato based dip. Again, incredible flavours and that sweetcorn dip, oh lord that was moorish!


Having never been to Ojo Rojo before, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It has a really nice atmosphere with everything thought out so well. The sentimental value of how the company was created is a real heartwarming story and a lovely touch to an incredible venue. If you’re ever in town, definitely check it out.

As ever, I wasn’t paid to attend this event however I did attend for free in exchange for today’s blog post. All opinions are my own.  

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