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Fashion is a funny one. I’m forever torn between looking super cool, in some edgy outfit that’s probably super uncomfortable & dressing for comfort in something that has a strong resemblance to my pyjamas. 9 times out of 10, the pyjamas win. However, I appreciate it’s important to make an effort, dress for the occasion and to present yourself in a way that doesn’t scream “crazy cat person”. I also appreciate, it’s not always easy. Putting in the effort, creating the outfits and styling something that’s a happy medium between stylish and comfortable is hard. Finding your style is hard.

However, I feel I’ve cracked it. After many many attempts and a lot of trial and error, I finally feel happy with my style. So, grab yourself a coffee, get comfortable and read on… because today I’m giving all those tips away!


// Trial & Error \\

Unfortunately, it is all about trial and error. There will be times where you buy something, think it looks amazing and then look back on it a month or two later, and think what the hell you were even thinking. You’ve got to get things wrong, to really appreciate when you get them right.

// Learn Your Stuff \\

You’ve got you know exactly what’s what when it comes to fashion. You need to learn about what looks good, what compliments different areas, and what patterns & prints are complimentary. You need to know what cut of jean works and what doesn’t, what size you are in different shops & what colours look good and what colours completely wash you out. Learn your stuff, get to know your body & it’ll make the whole shopping experience a whole lot easier… and ultimately, your outfits look a whole lot nicer.

// Quality Over Quantity \\

Don’t hit the shops hard with the idea of getting loads of clothes and filling your entire wardrobe with this new shopping trip you’ve just been on. Be smarter with it. Instead of buying 45 cheap t-shirts, buy 3-4 really good quality ones. Not only will they last longer but they’ll look nicer. People will notice you’ve spent a bit more time and money on curating the perfect outfit & that little extra you’ve spent will then be well worth it. Take my denim jacket for example. Yes, it’s in almost every picture I’ve taken of myself, however spending a little more on a Levi’s jacket that will probably last forever, is going to be far more beneficial than buying loads of different jackets each season.

// Find Your Niche \\

Do something a little different. Not even different, just be consistent. Have something that is going to be unique to you. For me, in the summer it’s t-shirts with a shirt over. I’ve developed a slight obsession with them and you can pretty much guarantee to find me in a t-shirt/shirt combo when the weather warms up slightly. And in the winter, it’s Denim Jackets… obvs! Find your niche & you’ll find your style.


Like I said, fashion is a funny one. There will be plenty of trial & error, but soon enough you’ll get it right. How have you found your style? Comment below with your fashion tips, I’d love to hear them!

| Harrison |


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