The Best Bag I Ever Did Buy | By Harrison

With pending travels & my obsession with bags, it was about time I purchased a new one. For hours, I scrolled & scrolled the ASOS pages, searching high and low, narrowing it down to just 5… yes, 5! After sending them all to my Sister-in-law to go through a further elimination process and with the approval from my Brother, I finally settled on this. Say hello to my new bag.

No bag has ever been more perfect for me… after all it’s called a Doughnut bag.

Backpacks are totally having a moment. They’re the latest trend, they’re all over social media and I thought it was about time I jumped on the bandwagon. You know me, I always like to go for something a little different. This bag is very similar to the Fjall Raven backpacks that everyone has… but with a little twist.

From the leather detailing to the gold hardware, this bag is well worth it’s price tag. Retailing at £65 this bag is somewhere between an investment and a trend piece. The price point really reflects the quality of the bag, it’s a bag that will last for years and one that I don’t see going out of fashion any time soon.

Made from a canvas material, the bag is going to be durable, easy to wear and even easier to maintain. A no fuss, no mess, stylish bag… perfect!

Inside the bag, you have an array of pockets and pouches, with a cushioned sleeve to fit your laptop and plenty of security. The reason I chose this one over the others was the security of the bag. There are so many zipped pockets and hard to reach places, that when I’m travelling around I don’t have to worry about anyone reaching and grabbing something.

For size reference, I have the largest screen Macbook Air and that fits in the bag perfectly. You’re definitely not short of room with this one.

As you can probably guess by now, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Yes, it’s a lot of money but I have no doubts I’ll get so much wear out of this. Prepare to see it slapped over all social media over the coming months!

| Harrison |


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