Tips On Living Your Happiest Life | By Harrison

In a world full of money worries, stress and real life problems, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important and you can easily find yourself not smiling. I remember a few months back, I’d go days without laughing, getting caught up in what’s not important and just generally being unhappy. That’s when I knew it was time to change. After all, life is too short.

So today, I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to live your happiest life.

// Smile \\

As simple as it sounds but just smile. Wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. It’s the smallest things like this that will completely change your day.

// Do You \\

Look after number one. Sometimes you’ve got to look after yourself, make sure your needs are taken care of and do something to treat yourself. A little self love goes a long way.

// Care Less \\

Care less, don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on what’s important and don’t get caught up on the little things. Trust me, spend less time on the small stuff and focus on the important.

// Chase Your Passions \\

Everyone has their dreams. Everyone has something they’ve always wanted to do. Chase that. Do it. Whatever it may be, do what you’ve got to do to achieve it. Work hard, keep focused and chase that dream!

// Do More Of What You Love \\

This kind of goes in line with the last point. It doesn’t have to be anything massive. It could be the most simplest of things. But whatever you love, do more of it.

// Surroundings \\

And finally, your surroundings. Not just your environment but also who you surround yourself with. It’s so important to have a positive environment. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people, in a nice environment and it will do you the world of good.


All very short, simple things to achieve that will make the biggest difference to your life. These are all things I’ve been adopting into my life over the past few months and I feel so much better for it. What do you do to make you happy? Let me know in the comments!

| Harrison |


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