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As an English person I don’t think I could write about anything more stereotypically English, than a cream tea. For any non-british readers, I want to assure you not all of us eat cream teas… but they are pretty lush!

There’s a lot of arguments when it comes to cream tea. Whether you put the jam on first or the cream or whether you pronounce it like you say ‘phone’, so ‘scoooone‘ or whether its pronounced like you say ‘gone’, short and sweet ‘scone’. Personally, I’m a jam on first and a scoooone kinda guy, but hey let’s not get caught up on the detail.

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before as it’s very much a favourite of mine. There’s something so perfect about a cream tea, once you’ve finished a nice long walk and it’s time to head to a little cafe for a bite to eat and a coffee. If you ever need to find me on the weekends, you can pretty much guarantee that’s where I’ll be. It’s by far one of my favourite pastimes and the excitement of the food at the end, spurs me on even more.

If you’re thinking of coming to The New Forest, I highly recommend The Station Tea Rooms for your end of walk break. By far my favourite cafe & I have no doubt you’d enjoy it just the same.


Well that’s it for this week. Another week down, another bunch of content and hopefully, another step closer to the summer! I hope you all have an amazing weekend & I’ll see you back here, bright & early on Monday morning!

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