Blogging: What It’s Really Like | By Harrison

I’m no full time blogger. When anyone asks what I do, I wouldn’t say blogger. It doesn’t pay the bills or anything, but my god it’s the biggest part of my life. A lot of people have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to blogging and 9 times out of 10, they’re wrong so today I thought I’d share with you what it’s actually like to be a blogger.

// It’s The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done \\

Kicking things off on a positive, blogging is by far the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s the hobby I’ve had for the longest, the thing I’ve become most passionate about and it’s opened up so many doors that otherwise wouldn’t have been opened. I love my little corner of the internet and I’m super excited to see where things go.

// I’ve Met Some Incredible People \\

Over these past few months, I’ve been invited to & attended so many cool events. The best thing about it (other than the free food) is the incredible people I’ve met. All the Bournemouth Bloggers are such lovely people and people I call friends. What’s so nice about it is these are people I wouldn’t have met without the blog. We’ve all got a massive thing in common and It’s great to meet with and chat to such like-minded people.

// The Creativity \\

I’ve mentioned this before. I don’t have a particularly creative job. I’ve always been creative & have always loved writing. So starting this blog and having somewhere I can be as creative as I like has filled such a void for me. It really has been my saving grace!

Now let’s spill the tea…

// People Don’t Take You Seriously \\

If I’m chatting to someone (especially my Mum lol) and say “I’ve got loads to do” and they ask what it is and I said “Blog stuff”, It’s never taken seriously. The response is always something along the lines of “Oh, well that’s nothing”. People who aren’t bloggers don’t get it… and that’s cool but they also don’t get how serious we take it. Yeah, it’s pretty frustrating.

// The Lukewarm Food \\

Especially being a blogger that writes heavily about food, I have to take a lot of pictures of it. So when you’re out in a restaurant, you have to get used to eating food once it’s gone a little lukewarm. It’s funny, all my friends and family are now so used to it, they know their not allowed to eat until all pictures have been taken. #BloggerLife┬á

// It’s More Than Just Scrolling \\

Believe it or not, we don’t just sit there scrolling Twitter & Instagram, liking pictures and commenting. There is a hell of a lot more that goes into uploading three blog posts as week. From SEO, to emails, writing posts, editing pictures, engaging with the audience, speaking with brands and running several different social media platforms. It really is a full time job alongside my full time job.

// Real Life VS Blogging Life \\

Then it comes to the real life separation. As the content grows, the uploads become more for the readers and less for the friends. So you often find your ‘real life‘ friends will rarely like any of your content. I’ve stopped taking it personally now but It’s something that took quite a while to get used to.

Overall, blogging is an incredible hobby and my biggest passion in life. I’m super proud of this thing I’ve created, that I’ve poured my heart & soul into and worked tirelessly to get right. I wouldn’t change it for the world BUT just know… it’s not a walk in the park!

| Harrison |


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