The Ins & Outs Of Going Self-Hosted | By Harrison

To anyone who ever says, ‘blogging is easy’… YOU’RE WRONG! Try planning the content, executing the posts, taking the pictures, editing, promoting and uploading regularly. Then it comes to the blog itself, the layout, the theme, the platform. SEO, DA, HOSTING… It’s no walk in the park this blogger-lark. That brings me to today’s blog post & something I’ve been pondering over for months now, self-hosting. For those of you who don’t know what self-hosting means, let me give you whistle stop tour.

Basically, when you have a blog, you choose a platform to host it. The most popular being: or This then means that whoever you’ve chosen to host your blog, owns your blog. You’re limited in its function, you’d have to pay to upgrade plans etc and at the end of the day, you don’t own your content. I’m not throwing shade at this however. It’s served me well in my time on WordPress. You still have the ability to make your blog look incredible and for those new bloggers on the block, this is 100% where I’d recommend you start.
Then it comes to Self-Hosting. This means you don’t rely on said platforms to do the hosting for you. It means you have complete reign of your content, you can tailor your layout as much as you want, you can add AD’s to the blog, it looks more professional and really, it’s the next stage in taking your blog to the next level. I’ve just popped my self-hosting cherry & jumped into that pool… head first.

It started a while back, probably about 6 months ago when I first considered it. I spoke to a few other blogger friends and decided on a webhost. We got the transfer underway and let me tell you, it went TITS UP! I demanded a refund and my blog to return to its original state… and that was that.
Then, recently I’ve been getting the urge to make the move again. This time, using Pipdig. I’ve heard so many good things about Pipdig, I’d been in communication with them getting a bit of information beforehand and finally decided I was ready. 2 days and £108 later and boom, I’m a self-hosted blogger! Let’s talk process…

Firstly, I emailed Pipdig to find out exactly what the process was, how it worked and to make sure I fully understand the in’s & outs of the transfer process. They really were incredible, they answered every question I had and really made me comfortable with the entire thing… after all, it’s a big deal and a lot of money.
Then it comes to picking the design. Another massive thing when it comes to blogging. I picked my theme and hit purchase… £39 later and I was the owner of a new theme.
Then you look for your hosting platform/ plan. I chose to go with Site ground, a Pipdig recommended website and actually, the cheapest I had found. I already owned my domain (I just needed to purchase my renewal, for £10), so really just needed to buy the hosting plan. This set me back £59 for the year.
Then it’s a case of filling out the simple form that Pipdig send to you, provide the passwords and purchasing reference numbers and away they go. Pipdig take over the rest from here.

2 days and a lot of emails later, the transfer was complete and I was now a self-hosted blogger. All in all, investing a relatively small amount of money for a long-term gain, is sooo worth it.
I’ve been self-hosted now for a little over a week and I’m still getting my head around the new platform, the new way to write blog posts and learning to navigate my new blog. So far, I’ve got absolutely no regrets and if you’re thinking of doing it, I wouldn’t think twice.

This post has absolutely not been sponsored in anyway, nor am I gaining financially. I’ve just been so impressed with Pipdig the whole way through & they’ve made the entire process, painless. I couldn’t be happier!

| Harrison |



  1. 05/04/2018 / 05:44

    This is so insightful!
    I have very very mildly dabbled with blogging since 2009 but always felt nervous about the steps that follow if I took it seriously.
    As I start putting in more effort in to my (still scarce) posts and I purchased a domain, finding information like this is soo helpful!
    Thank you!

    • harrisonbeach
      06/04/2018 / 14:22

      Ah good! I’m so glad it could help!

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