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For months now, my go-to skincare has been the same. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser followed by a serum. Clean, simple & easy. Well, I’ve decided to add something new to the mix… an exfoliator. Me being me, I’ve stuck to what I know & love… Glossier!

This time I’ve given their Solution a go. When Glossier first launched this, as with every Glossier launch, everyone went crazy. I couldn’t get it for ages. But now, I’ve got my hand’s on it, I’ve given it a go and I’m coming at you with the results!

Firstly, let’s get the bad things out of the way. It would’ve been a really nice touch if they sent cotton pads with the product. Imagine how instagrammable the Glossier cotton pads would be. Then the packaging. I’m not a huge fan to the container. I think compared to everything else Glossier do, apart from the pink, it doesn’t fit with the branding. Other than that, It’s all good from here.

I’ve now been using the Solution for about 2 weeks and I’m completely in love. It’s so simple to use with the pump action applicator. Just a couple of pumps and you’re good to go. All you do is simply wipe it across your face and that’s it. A very simple exfoliator.

Then for the actual results. I’ve massively noticed a change in my skin. It’s a lot smoother in texture, there’s a lot less dead skin and my complexion is looking a lot healthier. I’ve actually been getting compliments on my skin which is always nice. I don’t think I’ve ever tried an exfoliator that’s given such good results. I must admit, I was very wary of trying this. Technically it’s a chemical exfoliator which is something I’ve always steered very clear from. However, this is so gentle on the skin, it really just feels like you’re cleansing your face with water.

Asides from Glossier, I’ve re-purchased a firm favourite of mine. The Ordinary serums. I’ve tried a few now and have returned to my favourite, The Advance Retinoid. A real budget-friendly, easy to use and effective serum. I’ve harped on for long enough about The Ordinary, you all know I love it by now. See that blog post >> HERE <<


Skincare is so important and I’m so pleased I’ve finally found a routine that suits me perfectly. I’d imagine this routine will be sticking around for a long time. What’s your routine? Do you have any favourite products? If so, leave a comment below, I’d love to discover some new brands.

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