The March Round Up | By Harrison

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March has been a funny old month. It’s is always a busy month in our family, with copious amounts of birthdays and the glimmer of hope that Spring brings, it’s always the turning point in the year for me. So with that in mind, welcome to The March Round Up.

// The Beast \\

At the beginning of the month, the country was struck down by The Beast From The East.  The entire country came to a stand still as the snow moved in. A few days passed until it was safe to venture out again but wow, what an experience. It really amazes me how badly this country reacts to a little snow. The roads weren’t prepared, cars were being abandoned and people were stuck on trains overnight. However, once the snow started to thaw, it made for some pretty epic pictures.

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// My Birthday \\

March is the month that my two brothers and I all celebrate our birthdays. This year I turned 24… and I’m not okay with it. When I was younger I always fought so hard to grow up, be more independent and be an adult. Now I’m finally here, it’s not that great tbh. Being an adult comes with a tonne of responsibilities and sometimes, just sometimes I wish I could be that 16 year old kid again. Nevertheless, I celebrated it in style… in Egypt!

// The Holiday \\

Talking of Egypt, March was also the month that I visited Egypt for the first time. Check out the blog post >> HERE <<. It was such an incredible trip, full of laughs, good food and some epic diving… Also check out that vlog >> HERE <<. It was great to get away with the family for a little bit of winter sun & a trip with memories made that will last forever.

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// Going Self Hosted \\

Apart from the exciting times of a holiday, I’ve also become a Self-Hosted blogger. It’s been a very long time coming and something I’ve been pondering over for a while now but I decided to just bite the bullet, invest the money and make the jump. I’ve officially gone Self Hosted! With the help of Pipdig, the entire process was SO simple! Stay tuned for a blog post coming next week all about the process of being Self Hosted.

// I Read A Book! \\

I know, I actually read a book. I don’t know what’s more shocking, the fact I completed a book or the fact I enjoyed it so much. I’ve written up a review of Everything I Know About Love and you can read that >> HERE << but let me tell you, this book was f’ing incredible. Full of so many laughs, cries and everything in-between. It’s definitely been a highlight for me this month.


So there we have it, a short & sweet round up of the month. It’s been a good one and I hope we can finally look forward to some brighter weather. The clocks have gone forward, we’re officially in Spring so I think it’s about time the weather reflects that. BRING ON THE SHORTS!

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