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At approximately 20:40pm on the 10th of March 2018, along with my Dad, Brother & Sister-in-law, I landed in heavenly Hurghada in Egypt. Welcomed with 30 degree temperatures, a week full of sun, sea and some pretty sweet cocktails was on our horizon. Firstly, let me get to the most chaotic flight I’ve ever had to endure.

Boarding the plane at Gatwick, it was a busy flight. The attendants were rushed off their feet and a pretty unwelcome passenger sat just along from us. Being up in the air no longer than half an hour, said passenger beings to get rowdy, arguing with his partner and being an all-round arsehole. Then, a woman a few aisles down from us collapses, with none of the staff on board being first aid trained, luckily she was fine and just a little dehydrated. As the flight progressed, the unsightly and quite frankly, chavvy passengers continued to argue, fight and eventually be split up. When we finally land, they were both escorted from the plane by security and never to be seen again… okay we did see them in the airport, but after that, never again!

This being my first all-inclusive holiday in about 2 years, Dads & Reece’s (the brother) in about 10 and Jodie’s (the sister-in-law) ever, it was a well overdue break. All we had planned was chilling & diving. Yep, Egypt is one of the capitals in the world for diving and Hurghada was no different. Just a few metres from shore, we were surrounded by hundreds of fish and an abundance of coral. Honestly, picture a scene from Finding Nemo & that was pretty much us.

All of that was not before celebrating my 24th Birthday. Day 1 saw me turn 24 and well, what a way to celebrate it. Cocktail in hand, lying on the beach… pretty perfect if you ask me.

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The days were filled with early starts in the breakfast buffet, Reece often eating enough to feed a small village. We’d then make our way down to the beach, locate the perfect sun beds and begin to cook (ourselves that is, we didn’t actually start making food… I just meant cook in the sun, if you get my drift). We’d take breaks from the sun by jumping in the warm Red Sea, swing amongst copious amounts of fish and work up our appetites.

The snack bar would open at 12:00pm, followed by lunch starting at 13:00pm. Quite often, you’d catch us hitting both. Without fail, snacks would ALWAYS be a pizza. Homemade, stone baked pizza’s on tap… and classed as a snack. Only on holiday would you call a pizza, a snack.

The afternoon would then occasionally see us hit the course for a game of Crazy Golf… yep, we’re such party goers, before then moving round to one of the many pools on site. We’d always gravitate towards the pool with the aqua park to get out ‘slide on‘.

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The sister-in-law and I enjoying a bevvie or two.

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The evenings would be topped off with more cocktails at the bar, a few games of cards and a slap up meal at one of the many a la carte’s. Our favourite being the one named ‘Bedouin’, a traditional Egyptian restaurant which saw us sit on cushions on the floor and be supplied with course after course of incredible Egyptian food… Who knew pigeon was an Egyptian delicacy?

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Unfortunately the holiday didn’t end on the high we’d all hope. The final day saw me laid up in bed with what’s suspected to either be food poisoning or heat exhaustion. That combined with a 12 hour, all night travel home wasn’t one for the faint hearted.

2:40am and we finally landed in a the dead of night/ early hours of the morning, in a cold, desolate Gatwick airport. What followed was a long. three hour drive home, through the snow.


Honestly, this week away was just what I needed. It came at the perfect timing after a pretty snowy trip to Paris, then the Beast From The East hit the UK, the February blues struck hard and hung around for the beginning of March. Being away, phone free for a week was pure bliss and the switch off I so desperately needed.

Reece, Jodie & Dad… I want to thank you all for the most amazing trip away, we shared some incredible laughs, made some amazing memories and by the sounds of it, loosely set in place plans for another trip… #BeachesInFlorida2020!!!

| Harrison |



  1. Michael Wright
    19/03/2018 / 10:15

    Thanks for sharing your holiday with us Harrison, sounds like a wonderful time apart from the flight out and the food poison or heat exhaustion at the end. Best wishes, Mick.

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