The Highs & Lows Of Social Media | By Harrison

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Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy this whole digital world… after all, I was bought up with it. However after a while it get’s very monotonous, especially social media. I’ve definitely got a love/hate relationship with it & unfortunately, us bloggers rely on it. I don’t think you could be a blogger, without being on social media.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d put up a post of my highs and my lows of social media. Everyones’ are going to be different, so comment below with what you love and hate about this crazy world of likes, follows & comments… I’d love to know!

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// The Lows \\

Let’s get the worst out of the way to start with…

  • This whole follow/unfollow thing. I think it’s more prevalent on Instagram. But you seem to gain 5 follows but lose 7. The algorithm is mind boggling and people can never seem to commit. If I like your profile, I’ll follow you. I can honestly say, I never go on unfollowing sprees… I just don’t get it.
  • Drama. A lot of drama seems to unfold on social media. I think Twitter is the platform for this. Over the past few weeks, I’ve fallen back in love with Twitter. After a spate of time off the platform due to being sick of the drama, I’ve come back with a new lease of life. But yeah, the drama on social media is sometimes all too much.
  • Disconnecting to connect. By this I mean disconnecting with the real world, to connect with the virtual one. Spending so much time on my phone, scrolling Twitter, liking on Instagram or uploading on all of the above, means I’m spending a lot of time disconnected from the real world. Navigating life with your head in your phone is so unhealthy. It’s good to detox once in a while.
  • Did it really happen? If it’s not on social media, it’s like it didn’t happen. You can’t just go for a nice meal without taking a picture. You can’t just have a bad day without tweeting about it. It’s like if it’s not been uploaded to some sort of platform, it’s not actually happened.

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// The Highs \\

  • Firstly, It can be so creative. It’s a modern day art, an exhibition of your work and a way to express creativity. I love to write, hence my blog. I love taking pictures, hence my Instagram. It really is a great way of getting creative and expressing it.
  • Engagement. It’s such an quick and easy way of engaging with people or companies.  I found someone to design my logo from Twitter, I get invited to events through Twitter, I’ve made blogging friends through Instagram and my friends and family get to keep up with my blog uploads via Facebook. It really is great for engagement.
  •  A portfolio. I almost look at my blog & social media as a portfolio of work. There are examples of my imagery and writing, it’s a great way for companies to get to know me and understand my personality. It’s almost like an ever-growing CV.
  • Opportunities. If it wasn’t for social media, I would never have been invited to the events that I’ve attended. I would never have met other, local bloggers and I would never have experienced some of things I have, if it weren’t for social media.


It’s a crazy old world out here on the internet, but overall it’s a pretty great one. I definitely need to take more time away for social media to recharge my creative batteries but on the flip side, I really couldn’t imagine life without it.

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