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Yesterday I turned 24 so today I thought I would share my 24 highlights over the past year.

  1. The year started with me heading to Brighton. One of my favourite places in the UK & I was so happy to be back!

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2. I also discovered Dum Dum Doughnuts & OMG, they’re the best doughnuts I think I’ve ever had. Particularly that one in the middle, The Zebra!

3. I also head to Bath for the first time in a few years. Alongside Brighton, Bath is one of my other favourite places to visit. Both completely different places but both pretty incredible for shopping!

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4. This year also saw me spend more time down in Cornwall with the family. I see Cornwall as my escape place. I can head down there, to a place that feels like it’s at the end of the world and completely switch off. I love it.

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5. Then I ticked off a MASSIVE thing from my bucket list… NEW YORK! I had always wanted to go and when I finally got the chance, I was so thrilled. Nothing quite beats a city like New York!

6. It sounds silly, but whilst in New York I picked up the most perfect denim jacket. I had been looking for one for years and when I spotted it in Levis, I knew it had to be mine. Ever since then, I’ve not taken it off and I love it more every day. Definitely a highlight for me!

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7. New York also saw the discovery of Glossier. A brand that I am so obsessed with and something I use every single day. I know it’s a complete ‘blogger’ product but I genuinely use it every day and my entire skincare is Glossier.

8. Shortly after discovering Glossier, I discovered The Ordinary. Another amazing skincare brand that is so affordable with incredible results. Skincare goals!

9. Talking of skincare, something I’ve been really loving this year is my skincare routine. I’ve found the perfect routine for my skin, it’s working really well and I’ve been obsessed with the results. This year has definitely been the year for skincare.

10. Number 10. Well, this year also saw me re-connect with old friends and cleanse my life of sh*t ones. My friends are pretty much everything to me and I’m so thankful for the ones I have in my life!

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11. This year also saw me re-launch my blog. I was so nervous for this as it also saw me tell all my friends and family and go public with it. I also moved from Blogger to WordPress and decided to put more energy into it… and I’ve never looked back. This picture was from the photoshoot Emma & I did for the re-launch.

12. Since re-launching the blog, I also feel I’ve stepped up my game. Especially with my photography & I’ve been seeing the results. I’m so passionate about this blog and to put more energy, time and effort into it, has for sure been a highlight of the year.

13. Keeping on everything blogger… I have perfected my routine of blogging. My schedule has been fine-tuned, I’ve got into an upload rhythm and I’m really enjoying it. Consistency is key!

14. And to help with all this blogger stuff, I’ve discovered Hootsuite this year. Hootsuite is an app that allows me to schedule tweets, to ensure the blog posts go out on time and get the promo they deserve. This app has been a total lifesaver this year!

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15. Heading into the latter half of the year, It saw me move house. Move out of the town I had lived in my entire life, move to somewhere a lot quieter and somewhere I love. It was a massive move and this house needs so much work doing to it, but since being out here, I’ve been a lot happier!

16. Being happier has meant I have been motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been intermitted fasting for the last few months and It’s the first diet/eating pattern I’ve agreed with and stuck to. I’m finally starting to shift some weight, I’ve been going running and living a better lifestyle.

17. A very random one, but I also discovered a little love of DIY. With this house needing a lot done to it, I became a little obsessed with DIY… I know right, me and DIY, who’d have thought it, ey?!

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18. I was completely humbled and honoured to be invited to my very first blogger event. A few bloggers from Bournemouth got invited to Grosvenor Casino and i was SO nervous. Meeting other bloggers from Bournemouth has been so incredible and it’s been so lovely to speak with other, likeminded people.

19. Not only was the event itself a highlight, making new blogger friends has by far been up there with one of the top highlights. Having a group of friends who all know what it’s like to have and run blogs has been so refreshing. We can bounce ideas off each other, work together on posts and help each other out. It’s been pretty great tbh!

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20. Blogging more & blogging about fashion has meant me spending more time in front of the camera. Not that I was camera shy before, but gaining a bit more confidence in front of the camera has made creating blog posts, a lot easier!

21. This year saw me knuckle down and slap myself into gear when it came to my finances. I’ve always been pretty good with money, but I got into a trap of just wasting it & spending when I didn’t need to. However, this year I’ve really fine-tuned what I spend and saved a hell of a lot more.

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22. I head back to one of my favourite cities in the world, Paris. You’ve all seen the blog posts by now and hopefully watched the vlogs, but this trip was truly magical. We had sun, we had snow, we had rain… I think we experience all four seasons on this 4 day trip to Paris.

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23. Another blogger event to chat about. This time it was the event at The Real Greek. This blogger trip was so lovely as it was just four of us, we all got to know each other a bit more and the food was insane. I love discovering new restaurants… especially when I’m invited to them for free!

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24. And finally… as this blog post goes live, I’m currently in Egypt. Yep, I’ve just spent my 24th birthday in Egypt with my family. You all know I love me some travel and to be able to do it with family, is pretty cool!


What a year it’s been. Creating this blog post has made me realise just how much I’ve done, achieved and loved this year. I look forward to what this next year has to bring but I’m not loving the fact I’m getting older… quick!

Anyway, I’ve got some sunbathing to do! I’ll see you back here Wednesday!

| Harrison |


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