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This time next week I’ll be sitting pretty in Egypt, in 30 degree heat with no doubt, some sort of cocktail. Yep, you guessed it, I’m off on holiday again! And let me tell you, I’m so ready of it. After ‘The Beast From The East‘ struck us last week, I’m so over this cold weather and I’m very much looking forward getting a tan and not looking so much like Casper the ghost.

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So today I thought I’d compile a little list of my holiday essentials. Aside from the the obvious, these are the few things that I’d never go on holiday without and why they’re so vitally important to any trip… especially one in the sun.

// Protection \\

This is probably one of the more obvious ones. But sun protection is so important. I like to use the Nivea sunscreen along with the Soltan after sun. I tend to take a couple of different factors with me, so I’ll use a stronger one at the beginning of the week and slowly reduce it as the weeks go on. The aftersun however is soooo important to soothe the skin after a day out in the heat.

Not only that but something people forget, a lip balm. Especially one with SPF. You don’t really apply sun screen to your lips, so getting a lip balm with SPF will also avoid them burning… because crusty lips never looks good.

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// A Face Mask \\

When I travel, my skin routine tends to fly out the window as well. The plane completely dries me out, then all that heavy sun screen isn’t good for the pores… then to top it up with the aftersun. A lot of extra products will be hitting your skin, so it’s really important to take care of it. That’s why I like to take a face mask with me to use about mid-week to fully refresh my skin, detox & cleanse my pores. I often find this helps to avoid breakouts and keeps me looking & feeling fresh.

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// A Good Book \\

I must admit, I’m not the biggest reader. Actually, I only really read books whilst I’m on holiday. I think my record is 3 books in week (I’m pretty impressed with that). However, after The Anna Edit recommended this book, I’m so excited to get reading.

Taking a book is a really good way to pass the time whilst you’re on the sun lounger. It provides a bit of entertainment and almost acts as an escape from the real world. All you need is a strawberry daiquiri and you’re good to go.

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// A Phone \\

Whenever I’m abroad, I always make a point of keeping my phone on Airplane Mode. I use the holiday as a way of having a social media/digital detox. It’s a habit I’ve picked up and part of the holiday I absolutely love. However, I always keep my phone on me as it doubles up as a camera & iPod.

The iPod feature adding the entertainment and the camera feature to capture those Instagram’s. Oh, I also take a pack of cards. They provide endless entertainment in the evening, sat around the bar!


And there we have it, a few essentials that make for the perfect holiday. I’m officially on countdown until the big day and I absolutely cannot wait.

Bring on the daiquiris!

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