Falling Off The Skincare Wagon | By Harrison

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When booking Paris, our airline charged £44 to take a suitcase. So 15Kg between 2 people really isn’t a lot… especially when you have as many skincare products as I do. So, packing proved to be a little difficult and a few things unfortunately, didn’t make the cut. One of those being my serums.
I often find when going away, my usual routines really eff up and I struggle to get back into the swing of things. This recent trip to Paris saw me completely fall off the skincare bandwagon… and it hit me pretty hard.

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I was always slight sceptical of serums and wondered if they actually did anything or if they even worked. Let me tell you now, after giving them up for a few days, I really started to notice the difference. My complexion wasn’t as even, my skin felt rougher & just didn’t look its usual self. This break from serums has completely re-installed my belief in them & solidified how much of a staple they are to my every day skincare routine.

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My all-time favourites have to be these from The Ordinary. The quality of product VS the price point is just faultless. These were the first serums I ever tried and they’ll always be found in my collection. I may flit between products and add new serums to my collection, but at the end of the day I’ll always default back to these. The Ordinary have so many different ones to try & what’s even better, they’re stocked on ASOS. Definitely a skincare brand I’ll be using for years to come.

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Then it comes to this, the Glossier Super Bounce. When I developed my love of Glossier & soon after my love of serums, I was so interested in trying this. Glossier do a few other serums but they’re most popular and best reviewed, is the Super Bounce. I got this for Christmas and used it every single day… and boy, it did not disappoint. It’s definitely more ‘high end’ than The Ordinary ones and a much nicer consistency. However, I just haven’t managed to bring myself round to purchasing another pot. Why? Well, let me tell you.

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Comparing Glossier to The Ordinary… in product, there really isn’t much difference. Yes, they both make my skin feel and look a lot better, it’s a staple part in my skin routine and although the Glossier is a bit more luxury… It just doesn’t seem worth it. The fact that The Glossier serum is 15 mil, for £18 whereas The Ordinary is 30mil for £6.50… that’s double the product for more than half the price! It’s ludicrous! And when there isn’t much difference in product quality or results, it seems completely pointless spending that extra money. Don’t get me wrong, I still completely love Glossier as a brand & love these products pretty equally but when it comes to price per product, I’ll stick with The Ordinary any day.

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Now I’m back in the swing of things when It comes to my skin routine, I feel I’m ready to branch out and try a few more products… preferably from The Ordinary. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know! What’s the lesson from this blog post? Learn to pack lighter so you don’t’ give up your routines and serums are pretty freakin’ great.

| Harrison |


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