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Okay, well not quite quitting… but giving up on the whole idea, yes. Taking a break, yes. Recharging the creative battery, yes. I think all us bloggers can agree; the algorithm is working in nobodies favour at the moment. I like to think I take pride in my images on Instagram. I love taking them, I love the editing process and I love the whole journey from the very first photograph to the finished product. So, putting in all that effort for the pictures to just disappear, to not get the recognition they deserve and for Instagram to not recognise anything’s wrong, is pretty damn disheartening.

So with that in mind, I think I’m going to take an Instagram break. Or at least take my foot of the pedal a little. Over the past few months, I’ve been posting twice a day, 7 days a week. It sounds a little overdramatic, but it’s pretty exhausting. Constantly managing my photos, making sure I have enough in my camera roll to cover the week, thinking of the captions and replying to comments. A lot more work goes into it than simply uploading a picture. I’m going to really focus on the photo taking, focus on the quality of pictures and post what I really love. I want to focus less on the numbers, less on making sure what I’m uploading is gaining likes & followers and more about the quality of my work. I want my Instagram to reflect me.

Then it comes to the Instagram Shadowban. This hasn’t been confirmed by anyone but looking at people’s experiences, the shadowban exists. Use too much of the same hashtags and your profile gets the shadow ban. What is the shadowban? It’s basically where Instagram stops your images from being shown in the hashtags you’re using, meaning only you and your followers can see your images. This doesn’t last forever, sometimes days, sometimes weeks and in rarer occasions, months. What prompted my break from Instagram was, The Shadowban. My account has been victim of it and for me, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. How are you ever meant to grow your following if your images can’t reach beyond your existing followers?

I think us as bloggers have at some point, lost the will to live when it comes to Instagram. I need to remind myself, it’s not the be all and end all of everything but let me tell you, when you work so hard on something and get nothing in return, it gets tedious… real quick. Don’t worry, I’ll still be lurking and still uploading here and there but I’m really going to loosen the reigns when it comes to my insta-upload schedule & take time to focus on the quality not quantity.

A plea from me, to Instagram: CHANGE YOUR FREAKIN’ ALGORITHM! It’s killing the fun of Instagram and turning people away from the app. What’s sad about the whole thing, Instagram is by far my favourite app. It’s the most creative and for me, the best way to express my creativity (other than my blog). So the fact I’ve lost faith in my fave app, doesn’t give my much hope.

Sorry for the slightly ‘ranty’ post, but we’re all thinking the same & something’s got to change! There’s not much about the blogging world I dislike but let me tell you, I bloody hate this Instagram Algorithm.

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  1. 20/02/2018 / 23:09

    Yep. It’s so frustrating. I also hate how my feed is such a mess of new posts and posts from what feels like Christmas. Sort it out instagram

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