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For the last installment in a week full of Paris related content, I’m going to bring you a post which I would’ve found really handy when booking my trip. What To Do In Paris. This was my most googled search when doing the research for my trip, so I thought I’d gather it all together and put it into one hefty blog post. So here goes…

// The Eiffel Tower \\

Starting with the most obvious as let’s be honest, it literally sticks out the most. The Eiffel Tower. Standing tall over Paris, you can’t miss this gigantic monument. An incredible piece of Architecture, The Eiffel Tower is definitely not to be missed. Take a lift to the first, second or third floor for the most breathtaking views of Paris. If you’re feeling really crazy, take the steps. Warning: This is not for the faint hearted. When you reach the top of the tower, everything starts to shake a little, everything get’s a little narrower and boy, it get’s windy up there. However, an incredible experience and one I’d highly suggest.

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// The Arc De Triomphe \\

Want the views of Paris but don’t want to go as high as The Eiffel Tower? Well, head over to The Arc De Triomphe, get your comfortable shoes on and make your way to the top. The Arc De Triomphe, perfectly place at the end of The Champs Elysees also gives you some pretty insane, 360 views of Paris but for half the work. A narrow stair-cased walk later and you’ll be up the top of this more stable, shorter monument. If you have time, I’d really recommend doing both.

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// The Louvre \\

Fancy yourself a little culture? Then head on down to The Louvre. Famous for it’s glass pyramids and home to the Mona Lisa, The Louvre will give you all the culture you could need. Paintings, statues and even Napoleon’s Apartments. For those of you who don’t know, back in the day this museum was Napoleon’s home. Head into his apartments for some jaw dropping chandeliers and take a peak into how the other half lived.

Don’t quite fancy the culture? Then head on down stairs to Le Carousel De Louvre. The shopping centre hidden under the museum. Packed out with the Apple store, Starbucks and more luxury boutiques, you’ll be sure to drop some serious dollar down here.

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// Notre Dame \\

Just a short walk beyond The Louvre and you’ll come to this almighty church. The Notre Dame. Made famous by The Hunchback, this church is enough to give anyone the creeps. A haunting, yet intriguing place, The Notre Dame which is still a fully functioning church is definitely something worth a visit. The vast arches, the delicate architecture and the detailing in every brick is definitely something worth checking out. Make sure you’re quiet, because church services are going on all throughout the day, however you can make your way to the top of the church and look out over the river & surrounding areas.

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// The Sacre Coeur \\

When it’s time to escape the buzz of Paris, jump on a metro just 15 minutes out of town and you’ll pop out in an area called Montmartre, the home of The Sacre Coeur. Probably one of the most outstanding buildings in Paris, the Sacre Coeur is a catholic church and minor basilica. Based in Montmartre, here you have a day full of site seeing, coffee drinking and food eating. Full of bistros, cafes and restaurants, chuck in the odd museum, Moulin Rouge and tourist site, you really do need to dedicate most of the day to this area of Paris. For me, it was one of my favourites.

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// Invalides \\

Not to be confused with the defamatory term for a disabled person. The Invalides, in the heart of Paris is home to the tomb of Napoleon. Often an overlooked tourist destination, the Musee De l’Armee hosts a collection of artefacts and weapons dating back hundreds of years. Napoleons tomb taking centre stage as you walk through the door, you really get a feel for just how powerful this man was. If you’re heading that way, it’s definitely worth stopping by.

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// Champs Elysees \\

Last but by no means least. At the end of a busy day site seeing why not ditch the culture and head to the Champs Elysees. Probably the busiest road in Paris, stretching right the way through the city and housing hundreds of shops, the Champs Elysees is definitely not to be missed. Whether you’re wanting high street like Zara & H&M or whether you’re looking for something more fancy like Louis Vuitton & Cartier, the Champs Elysees really does have it all. After all, you can’t come all the way to Paris without doing a little shopping, right?


Paris, the city of lights. For me, it’s definitely up there in my top 3 favourite cities in the world. Without a shadow of a doubt, Paris is such an inspiring, creative and unique city and place that I’ll always hold dearly in my heart. Whether it be a day trip, long weekend or a full on week away, Paris is there to cater to it all. If you’re thinking of booking a holiday, definitely check out Paris.


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