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Visiting one of the most famous capital cities in the world can sometimes be pretty expensive. In fact, any holiday can. It’s so easy to throw caution to the wind whilst you’re away, spending unnecessarily and giving it the old ‘Oh, we’re on holiday‘. Trust me, I’ve done it all too many times.

My recent trip to Paris got me thinking, you don’t always have to go OTT when you’re on holiday. There are ways of getting the best for your buck and doing things on a bit of a budget. So keep reading if you want to know how you can visit Paris on a budget.

// Booking \\

Let’s start at the very beginning. Booking the trip. I’ve been to Paris 3 times now and throughout all my research, I’ve always gone back to the same place to book. Expedia. It’s always worked out the cheapest way for me, booking the flights and hotel together not only means it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier, but it’s always worked out cheaper. I’ve always stayed at The Derby Eiffel hotel, right next to The Eiffel Tower. Flights and Hotel for a 4 day break cost £250 each! In my eyes, that’s a complete bargain when you’re staying in such a central location.

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// Walking \\

Then it comes to getting around. Yes, it’s probably a lot easier to get a taxi here and there but you best believe it when I say, taxi’s ain’t cheap. What cheaper way to get around than to walk everywhere. Not only is it free but it also allows you to take everything in. You’ll see more, yes you’ll probably get a little lost but that’s the fun of it, right? You’ll be able to take in the sites, stop to take pictures and you’ll really be able to soak up the atmosphere. Paris is so easy to navigate so walking everywhere is pretty simple.

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// Metro \\

If your legs can’t handle the walking, then jump on the Metro. For people under 26, a day ticket is just €4.10 for anyone else it’s €7.10. So really, for an entire day on the metro, it’s really good value for money. Oh, and don’t worry about navigating the metro. It’s so simple! If you’ve gone on the London Tube or New York Subway, then the Metro is going to be a piece of cake. Also, it’s really clean and very un-intimidating. There’s nothing to worry about .

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// Food & Drink \\

The food can be the best bit of any trip abroad but what does leave a sour taste in your mouth is when that food costs you an arm and a leg. So, I’ve got a good tip. For breakfast, simply have a coffee & a croissant. It doesn’t sound a lot but the size of the croissants in Paris can only be described as mammoth. One of those is more than enough to see you through to lunch. Then when you get to lunch, stop at your favourite boulangerie & pick up a ham & cheese baguette. You’ve never had a real ham & cheese baguette until you’ve had one from a french boulangerie. Simple yet so freakin’ incredible. Also, really cheap… they all average around €4.80 per baguette.

Then for dinner, well that’s a bit of a free-for-all. You’ve been good all day, it’s time to go crazy. Have whatever you want because by this point you would’ve earned it.

When it comes to your coffee break, try to avoid the typical french bistros. Yes, although the ideal is for you to be sat in a french bistro, on the corner of a road, getting through the hours people watching and living the Parisian dream… however the reality is, that coffee will easily set you back €8+. If you can, grab a takeout Starbucks for around €2.80, then sit yourself in a park or on a bench & enjoy the atmosphere that way. It’ll save you a lot of money if you’re a keen coffee drinker.

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// Any Other Tips \\

The biggest one for me was the discounts. For anyone under the age of 26 that is an EEU citizen, you’ll get everything either free or at a discounted price. Museums, monuments, train tickets. You name it, it’ll be discounted/free. So bring your ID, make sure you mention your age to everyone and you’ll soon see the savings come flying your way.

When your booking your trip, try to make sure you land at Charles De Gaule. I’ve flown to CDG and to Paris Orly and have found that CDG works out cheaper. The taxis there fix their prices into the city. €55 for a taxi into Paris is pretty good compared to the €65-80 they charge from ORLY. Or even cheaper than that, get the train (we never risked that though)

Euro conversion. The strength of the euro isn’t great at the moment. So for us, we just treated it like-for-like with the British pound. So when you’re shopping around, don’t be thinking you’re getting some crazy bargains with the conversion because you’re probably not.


And there you have it, a few tips on how you can navigate Paris on a budget. If you’ve got any other tips that you think I’ve missed, be sure to leave them in the comments below.


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