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Last week saw me have to go home from work early, cancel all my meetings and just lay on the sofa. Yes, last week I was sick. Well, not so much sick… I had a migraine. The first migraine I’ve had in years and for any of you who suffer with them, you know just how hideous they are.

It’s the time of year where everyone is feeling a little down in the dumps, nobody is feeling their best and it’s the time of year where bugs are spreading, people are feeling sick and it’s just generally a miserable time. After falling ill myself, I thought I would share a few ways to make yourself feel better, give you that little ~pick me up~¬†and have a ~you~¬†moment.

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// Light A Candle \\

Now I’m not saying by lighting a candle all your woes will disappear, however you know when you’re feeling pretty shit, your senses are more… sensitive and you just need something pleasant. Well, light your favourite candle and get the place smelling beaut. Trust me, it will get rid of that ~sick~ feeling in the air and make the place & you feel a whole lot better.

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// Eat Shit \\

Not literally shit. But you know what I mean. At this time of the year, the whole nation seems to be on a diet. Everyone is watching what their eating, we’ve all changed our eating patterns and we’re practically killing ourselves if we eat so much as a crumb of chocolate. Well you know what I say, f**k it. When you’re feeling crappy all you want to do is treat yourself, do you and do what makes you feel great. Whether that be a bar of chocolate, a packet of sweets or an entire sharing bag of crisps, just throw caution to the dietary wind and just treat yo’self.

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// Do Your Favourite Thing \\

However you like to switch off and relax, just do it. Whether that be a marathon of the Real Housewives, whether it’s to binge watch the entire box set of Harry Potter or whether it simply be to get lost a hole of Youtube videos. What better way to relax than to do your favourite thing, forget about your to-do list and the ever growing pile of washing, just chill and zone out from the world. For me, that’s the perfect way to recover.

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// Pamper Yourself \\

How could I do a ~ Treat Yo’self ~ blog post without including a pampering session. Personally, I don’t need to fall ill to have a pampering session but I do know people that do. I know a lot of people don’t pamper themselves enough and i’ll tell you what, it’s a modern day tragedy. Who doesn’t want to get over a sickness bug with a good old pampering session. Wack out your favourite face mask, pop it on and straight chill for a good hour. You’ll come out the other end feeling like a new man/woman.

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// A Cup Of Something Hot \\

And finally, the most simplest of them all. A good cup of your favourite drink… just make it a hot one. You’ll be so surprised how a hot drink can instantly turn your mood upside down. If I had hot chocolate in the cupboards then trust me, I would’ve smashed out the whole lot. However, I was semi restrained and actually, felt a little sick so stuck to my favourite loose leaf tea. Oh how it worked wonders.


Feeling sick really does suck. But unfortunately, as humans with mega busy lives, it’s something we can’t avoid. However, take just a few of these steps and you’ll be feeling right as rain in no time!

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