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Fashion has always been a big part of my life. I’ve always been so into it & have always loved looking around, shopping for new pieces and creating my own style. I’d like to think I’ve always followed my own style. I’ve never really been one of those to follow the trends. Occasionally I’ll purchase a trend piece, for example Vans are having a real moment and I’ve definitely jumped on that bandwagon, however I mostly just wear what I want. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I get it really wrong but most of the time, I think I get it right… or somewhere close to it anyway.

So today I thought It’d be interesting to give you guys a tour of my wardrobe and talk you through a few of my favourite pieces and why I love them. Some of these things will come to as no surprise as I wear them pretty much all the time.

// Levi’s Denim Jacket \\

As you probably know, I bought this jacket whilst I was in New York. I’ve always loved Levi’s and have always lusted after their denim jackets. If you’ve ever been to NYC, you’ll know there are about 100 Levi’s stores. I looked in every store and just couldn’t find the jacket I wanted, until the day we were leaving and I found this one. For me, it’s the perfect jacket.

What I love about this jacket is, it goes with everything I wear. A good 90% of the time I’m wearing a black denim, so this matches perfectly without looking too ‘double denim‘. It’s a really relaxed style, yet can be dressed up slightly. I love the distressed detailing like the tears and the almost stained look. I think it gives the jacket a real vintage feel and this is one of the reasons I picked this up and loved it so much. And surprisingly, it’s really warm! Definitely one of my most worn pieces.

// Bershka Overshirt \\

Unfortunately this is now out of stock but keep an eye on ASOS and it might come back in. So this is the most recent addition to my collection. It’s a rust Bershka over shirt. I went through a phase of wearing shirts all the time, especially in the summer but soon gave that up. When I saw this, I was like “I need that straight way“. I’m usually an all black, neutral coloured kinda guy, so adding this bright orange shirt into my wardrobe was a pretty big deal.

This is the perfect way to add a bit of colour to your outfit, have a statement piece and the best way to achieve that smart-casual look. Perfect for a chilled dinner or to throw on at the weekend. Being a over shirt, it’s pretty thick so a t-shirt underneath is more than enough to keep you warm. This shirt is a mix between denim and corduroy and it’s just perfect. It’s so soft and versatile and I look forward to getting more wear out of this over the next few months.

// Stripes For Days \\

I never had myself down for a stripes man. They’ve always felt a little risky for me and a little unflattering, so I’ve always kept well away. However last summer I picked up this black and white striped top. I took inspiration from SeanElliotOC as this is something he would wear & I always loved the way he styled it. Perfect for those summer evenings when a little chill in the air appears but you’re not needing to fully cover up.

Soon after purchasing the black and white striped top from H&M, I hit ASOS and picked the second top up. This one is a very dark navy with a lighter blue & orange stripe. Again, the perfect way to add a little colour to your wardrobe, without going too crazy. These are both great for layering and again, make any outfit that little more interesting. Heading into spring, I imagine these are going to be featured a lot more!

// The Chunky Knits \\

Holy cow, someone tell me to step away from the chunky knits. I think I’m now the proud owner of about 6. They’re perfect for this time of year when the weather is dull, it’s bloody cold and you just want something to keep you warm. These two in particular are my favourite. The darkest of the two was a Christmas present from my Dad & this one is from H&M. It’s a black and navy, woven chunky knit with a split hem. This is completely oversized and actually looks really great layered underneath my denim jacket.

However the softest jumper I’ve ever bought is this grey one from ASOS. Again, it’s out of stock which sucks but I’m so lucky to have picked this up in time. This fisherman’s style jumper is so flattering, so soft and so easy to style. I love the collar detail and love how it just goes with everything. Paired with my denim jacket and a statement scarf, you’re good to go with the perfect winter outfit. I bloody love this jumper and I’m going to be pretty gutted when it gets too hot to wear.


I’ve always loved how individual fashion is. Someone else could purchase the same items, style them a different way and make them look like completely different pieces. Fashion is the best way of expressing yourself and I look forward to seeing what this year brings, style-wise.

I finally feel happy with my wardrobe and my style, so much so I’m almost tempted to try doing a Capsule Wardrobe…

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Monday & I’ll see you back here on Wednesday where I’ll be talking all things ‘feel good’. Stay tuned!

| Harrison |


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