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Friendships are the most important companionships you’ll have. They’re the family you choose, the ones you tell your deepest, darkest secrets to and the one’s that know the most inner workings of your brain. Your friends are there to tell you when you’ve messed up, to lift you from your darkest days and to be your cheerleaders when you’re doing great. So today, I thought I’d do a blog post as an ode to friends.

// The Best Friend \\

We’ve all got one. That friend who’s been there since day dot. The one who knows everything (Quite literally, everything), the one where nothing is out of bounds and the one that no matter what, is there for you. Your ride or die.

Kate, as much as it pains me to say, you’re it. Since that age of 4, bashing our heads in the playground just so we could sit in the medical room, you’ve been there. Slapping me out of any bitchy mood, correcting my political incorrectness & gaining far too much joy from my own mishaps.

All that aside, you’re the one I laugh with the most, the one I have the most weird conversations with, the one where we laugh uncontrollably, over literally nothing for a ridiculous amount of time. Kate, you’re ma bestie bestie, you ma bestie. (name that song)

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// The OG’s \\

Then you have the OG’s of the friendship world. The one’s who’ve been there for years, who you may not see all the time but when you do, it’s like no time has passed at all. The friends you can rely on no matter what, the reliable and hilarious friends that brighten any mood. These friends, are some of the best.

For me, this has got to Emma. Emma, you absolutely crack me up. With our insanely rude conversations, our obsession with stalking people and mutual love for the youtube world. Emma from the moment we met, in that corridor waiting for our college interview, I knew we’d be friends for years forever. We don’t see each other enough but when we do, it’s without a doubt, laughs all the way and I wouldn’t change you for the world.

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// The Work Wife \\

Oh, the work wife. One of the most recent types of friendship genres and one of those friendships you never expect to form. The work wife is a friend you see every day, that get’s you through the crappy days at work, when a customer pisses you off they’re there to pick you up. You can bitch about that annoying colleague and laugh with each other when theres no one else to laugh with. The work wife really does get you through the 9 to 5.

Laura, gurl, princess… you really are the best work wife I could ask for. You are the female version of me, our brains are so in sync and I swear to god, without you I absolutely do not know how I would get through the day. You literally make work bearable and for that, I owe you! Okkuuurrrrr.


And finally, a nod to those friends who aren’t really friends. The ones that like the status of saying you’re friends, that like to have you on social media so they can see what you’re up to, the ones that pretend they know about your life when in reality, they know nothing. The friend that cancels all the time, never makes the effort and when confronted about it, somehow manages to blame you. Yep, I’m talking about the part time friends.

I think it’s fair to say we’ve probably all got one. It comes with the friendship territory. I say to anyone who’s got one or even anyone that’s reading this and thinking ‘oh shit, actually I’m that part time friend’, I say to you… Just cut the cord.

It really is fine to admit friendships fade. People change and lives move on and sometimes, friendships don’t adapt. And that’s fine. Just admit it, be adults about it and move on. Accept you once had a great friendship and that friendship is no more. Stop carrying a dead weight and leave it where it belongs.


Friendship is a weird thing. Your friends are the people you choose to share everything with, spend most of your time with and rely on the most. As I mentioned, the friends are the family you choose & how great is that. So to my friends, thank you. Thanks for putting up with me, for sticking with me and entertaining my crazy dreams. You guys are pretty freakin’ sweet.

Peace out!

| Harrison |


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