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It’s 2018, new year, new you and New Years resolution (check out mine >> HERE <<) Well, one thing I always vouch to do more of is to take care of my money. I’m definitely a saver, I love to make sure each month I’m putting a bit aside, however I have been guilty of wasting money. Years ago I would get through it like it’s water. I wouldn’t take care of it and I soon began to realise how dangerous It could be.

The past couple of years I’ve really made a conscious effort to be more careful with my money and look out for those bargains. Today, I thought I would share my tips with you in the hope that maybe, just one of you can use the tips and look after your own money this year. Once you get a handle on it, it’s pretty easy!

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// Budget \\

This is by far the biggest tip & it’s also a two-parter. Have a budget. Firstly you’re going to need a create a budget and organise your outgoings. Compile a list of all your outgoings, bills etc. Change your bills so they all come out on the same day, preferably around pay-day. That way, you know once they’ve all come out, what you’re left with needs to last. Then review what you’ve got and look out for any areas you can save some moolah!

Then what I do is divide my monthly salary by the amount of days left until pay day. That way I know how much I have to spend each day. Once you’ve got your budget sorted, make sure you review it monthly. Make sure it’s working for you, that you’re making changes in the way of savings and if not, do something about it!

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// Vouchers & Discounts \\

This seems the most simple of tips, but use vouchers and discounts. There are so many sites out there such as Vouchercloud! One of my favourites to use is the Tastecard. For someone like me that eats out all the time, the Tastecard has really come in handy and has saved me SOOO much money. The Tastecard gives you 50% off or 2-4-1 in selected restaurants all around the country… it’s pretty freakin’ good!

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// Shop Smarter \\

Whether you’re mooching around the shops, logging onto ASOS or just getting that itch to do a little shopping, stop and ask yourself… Do I need it? Think before you buy and soon you’ll realise that actually, that top or those shoes probably aren’t essential.

It’s not a case of depriving yourself. You need to enjoy & spoil yourself, after all, you work hard for your money. However I’d advise you invest wisely. Rather than buying loads of cheap shoes, why don’t you spend a bit more and get a good quality pair that are going to last longer? Make smarter shopping decisions and you’ll find yourself needing to shop less.

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// Bank Accounts \\

And finally, probably the most daunting of them all. Making sure you have the correct bank account. If you look around & manage them correctly, you really can make your bank account work for you. There are plenty of packaged accounts out there, that provide some great benefits which will save you a massive amount of money.

Not only that, but Credit Cards. Believe it or not, Credit Cards can actually work in your favour. Manage them correctly, make sure you pay them off IN FULL every month, then actually your Credit Card could end up paying you! Look for a Credit Card that earns you cash back & you’re on to a winner!

And finally, Savings. Savings rates are pretty shitty everywhere so you’re never going to live off you’re interest. However, get yourself a savings account that earns a little interest, save into it regularly and build yourself a little nest-egg. Save save save!!


And there it is. A pretty full on one, but a gooden nevertheless. These tips have seen me through the last couple of years and have meant I’ve been smarter with my money, saved more and in turn, It’s meant I’ve been able to enjoy the finer things. There really is nothing more comforting to know you have a bit behind you to see you through those rainy days.

In other news, my first video of 2018 has gone live on my channel! Big tick in the ‘resolution’ box! Check it out >> HERE <<

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post & I hope some of these tips help!

| Harrison |


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