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I know i’m a little late to the game with this post but in the excitement and festivities, I had a few blog issues. The blog was down for a few days and trust me, I don’t think I’ve been that stressed in a long time. But hey, we’re back now and I’m back to my good old blogging self. Also, for those eagle eyed readers, you’ll also notice I’ve got a new theme going on. It’s all happening over here on (again).

Without further ado, I thought I’d show you what I got for Christmas. As you can see, it’s very beauty/skincare heavy… my family know me so well.

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// The Jumper \\

I must admit, this is one of those gifts I always knew I was getting. Dad & I were shopping when I happened to stumble into H&M and saw this perfect jumper. I was going to buy it for myself but when we got to the till, Dad wacked out the moolah and paid for me. Truth be told, he did wrap it up and I couldn’t have it until the big day.

This is an oversized, black chunky knit jumper with a blue thread throughout. As I may have mentioned, I’m off to Paris in February so I thought this would be perfect to wear under my coat as I’m anticipating it’s going to be pretty freezing! It’s one of those jumpers that can be super casual or with the right jeans & shoes, could be dressed up quite nicely. Very much looking forward to wearing this.

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// The Hand Cream \\

These hand creams were also a gift from Dad. I was actually really surprised with these. Dad, off his own back went to L’Occitane (which he knows I love) and picked these out. 2017 was the year that saw me turn to a hand cream-convert. Before, I hated the stuff whereas now, I’m addicted.

These are the mini hand cream trios. From left you right you have the Gel cream, L’Occitane’s signature hand cream and then my all-time fave, the almond hand cream. How many times have I said hand cream in this sentence? This was a very thoughtful gift and I’m sure in about 2 months, most of these will be gone. I’m all about the moisture, baby!

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// The Glossier Stuff \\

Onto the good stuff. Oh Glossier, you made a lot of money from my family this year. Firstly I got a couple of items from my Mum. She got me the Wowder and the Super Bounce. Again, I knew I was getting these as I was the one who ordered them. Both of these, I’ve never tried and they’re both things I’m buzzing to get stuck into.

Then, from nowhere on Christmas morning I get an email from Glossier, saying my auntie & uncle had got me a voucher. Firstly I thought It was just a marketing email but after reading it, I soon realised it was legit. I had never mentioned Glossier to them before but they read my blog, they used it as a shopping list and used their initiative and got me the voucher. I was mega surprisedĀ and just think it’s really thoughtful that they even thought of it. Disclaimer: I’ve spent it all already…

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// The Aftershave \\

Every year, without fail I’ll always ask for aftershave. For a few reasons really. Firstly, I just love the stuff. It’s always nice to have a good scent. And secondly, it’s so bloody expensive! At the end of the day, it’s just smelly water.

This year I got Gucci Guilty which is probably my all-time favourite scent and then I got Hugo Boss: The Scent which is a fragrance I’ve had before and one I love. Both very classy, quality scents & I’m very lucky to have been given both.

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// The Face Masks \\

Last but not least, face masks. Overall, I received 11 different face masks and I’m not upset about it. As you can see, I got a range of different masks. From my favourite tissue masks from Garnier, all the way to a few Superdrug masks. They’re such a good gift to get any one, especially a blogger!


Well, that’s it folks. A look into just a few of the gifts I received for Christmas. We’re now a week into the new year, does anyone feel any different? I love the sense of a fresh start and look forward to what the year has in store. I’ll see you back here Wednesday!

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