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WOW! So here we are. 2018! Can you believe it? 2017 seemed to go past in a flash and before we know it, I’m sat here uploading my 2018 goals. Literally, blink and you miss it.

The fact that New Years Day has fallen on a Monday is given my OCD such joy right now. How neat and organised is that?! Anywho, today I thought I would talk you through a few of my goals for 2018. I prefer the word goals than resolution as after all, these are just things I’d like to achieve. I think we all put so much emphasis on making sure we complete our resolutions and if we don’t, we’ve somehow failed. I’m going to break them down into sections & delve into what I want to complete and why. You might want to grab a coffee, I feel like we’re going to be here for a while.

// Blog Goals \\

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  • Firstly I think I’d like to focus on the old saying of ‘Quality Over Quantity‘. Although I very much want to remain consistent with posting and keep to my usual upload schedule, I really feel I need to & want to up my game when It comes to my content, or the quality of. I’d love to put more effort into the imagery, work on varying up my writing style and really just improve on my blogging technique.
  • I’d also like to focus on varying up the content. This year It’s been so easy to fall into the same old topics of mens beauty, which don’t get me wrong is amazing, but I feel there is so much more I want to talk about and so much of the blogging world to explore. I don’t want to just limit myself to product reviews and GRWM’s, after all my tag line is ‘From Food to Fashion & Travel To Lifestyle‘.
  • Audience engagement is a big one for me. This year I’ve really seen the benefit of engaging with other bloggers on Twitter. My Twitter following has grown, I’ve discovered new bloggers and in turn, felt part of the community. In 2018, I’d really like to engage with my own audience. Get to know the types of people who read my blog every day and let my audience get to know me more. I’m looking forward to seeing who’s out there!

// Vlog Goals \\

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  • Well, vlog goals. Where do I even begin? I guess with quite simply, vlogging more. When I first started my Youtube channel, I bloody loved it. Then something changed and the more I was doing it, the harder it was becoming. I think It’s because creating a video, editing it, posting it etc, is all a lot more time consuming than blogging. So I began to vlog less and blog more. 2018 I’m going to pick up my camera, join my Youtube Channel and Blog together and just deliver more content when it comes to Youtube.
  • Upgrade in gear. I think I need to step it up when it comes to camera and editing equipment. The quality of my vlogging camera isn’t quite where I’d like it to be, plus I’d love to play around with the video editing more, so I think a little upgrade is well overdue.
  • Remain consistent with it all. Once I start to post, It’s just a case of keeping it up and keeping the videos regular. After all, people who subscribe to me are going to expect some content.

// Travel Goals \\

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  • Probably my favourite kind of goal. Travel more. This year travelling took a bit of a back seat. I took 2 trips and nothing much else. 2018 I want it to be the year of travel. I want to travel more, get away and see the world, also I think I’m going to try a trip on my own. I know, scary… but once I’ve done it, I’ll feel like I’ve properly achieved something!
  • Go to new places. I always seem to gravitate back to the same old places. After all, I already have a trip booked to Paris for February. I really want to travel to some new places, see something new and experience a new surrounding. I mean come on, this world is pretty huge… I don’t think I’d struggle.
  • And also, I’d like to see more of the UK. I’ve lived here my whole life and have never been further north than London. I’ve always wanted to see Scotland, The Lake District and quite randomly, Bristol. So this year, I’m going to make more of an effort to see my own country. Expect a lot of travel content!

// Personal Goals \\

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  • On to the hard hitting stuff. Things I plan to achieve in my personal life. I think number one is going to have to be to date more. Go on dates, pick up my dating game and hopefully, find a relationship.
  • A change would be nice. Whether thats a work change, a home change or just a life change in general. I feel life has got a little stale of late, so it’d be good to switch things up and make it exciting again.
  • Be smarter with money. Now, I pride myself on how ‘money savvy‘ I am. I think overall, I’m pretty good with my money. However, there is a part of me that just wastes it. I buy myself clothes when I don’t need to, I eat out A LOT and I spend money on things, when actually I could be saving. So in 2018, I want to save a lot more money and just be a little smarter with it.
  • And finally, the age old thing of eating better. I think a good 90% of us, every year say we want to lose weight. It never happens. So instead, I’m going to say I just want to eat better. Have a lot more fruit and veg, don’t pig out so much and just take care of my body a bit more.

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It’s quite clear that throughout this blog post, there has been a trend of me wanting to do more. I think 2018 will be the year to do more and stop wasting time & money. I actually really love the new year. There is a sense of starting fresh and having the opportunity to really get things started on a high. I look forward to what this year has to bring and It’ll be interesting to see, this time next year, what I’ve achieved from this list.

I hope you’re not all feeling too hungover & I’ll see you back here, next week when the usual upload schedule resumes!


| Harrison |


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