My 2017 Round-up | By Harrison

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At the start of this desperately difficult year, I never would’ve imagined what happened, would happen. 2017 was definitely the toughest year of my life, overcoming experiences I never thought I’d face and going through things most people would never even come close to. 2017 to say the least, has been a challenge.

Starting right at the very start, we saw my dad hospitalised for gastroenteritis. This came just days before we were due to fly to France on a ski trip. Amen for the NHS as my dad made a full recovery and we were able to still go… albeit, a little fragile.

March saw me and my family go through hell like no other. For legal & privacy reasons I’ll not be disclosing any information but this event saw the destruction of the entire family, it put us through our paces and we found ourselves at the lowest of lows.

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April, unfortunately was the month in which my relationship broke down. Probably my biggest regret of the year. Andrew came into my life at a time where I couldn’t give him my all. The sweetest, most caring guy I had ever met gave me the world and in return I couldn’t him anything. Mentally I was all over the place and not in the right frame of mind to commit. The breakdown of our relationship was purely my doing, my lack of communication and me pushing away the first love of my life.

As if April couldn’t get hard enough, 2 weeks after my breakup with Andrew, Mum was rushed to hospital and in the space of 24 hours was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. April was the beginning of the toughest road yet. Both physically and mentally, life was about to get a whole lot harder. After a course of radiotherapy & chemotherapy, many sleepless nights, tears and emotion… 7 weeks later found us at the end of Mum’s treatment. I’m so utterly thrilled to report, 7 months after treatment has finished, Mum is doing absolutely fine with us receiving the all clear. Now, under close watch from the hospital, we set out on a 5 year journey of check ups, scans and monitoring to make sure she stays as healthy as possible & more importantly, cancer free.

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However, 2017 wasn’t all bad. There were definitely some highlights and some memories were definitely made that will stay with me forever.

Firstly, my blog. July was the month that saw me re-brand my blog, launch it publicly and move from Blogger to WordPress. This was a MASSIVE step for me as up until now, I had kept the blog a secret and it was my corner of the internet that nobody else knew about. Now, friends, family & work colleagues all know about it and it’s, well a little scary tbh. Honestly though, it was the best move I’d ever made. Going public has meant I can put a lot more time and effort into the blog & has meant I no longer have to walk around on egg shells trying to keep it all hush hush. So yeah, this was a pretty big moment in the world of

Let’s talk about my travels. As I already mentioned, the start of this year saw me tackle the slopes and head to France for a week of skiing. Physically it was utterly exhausting but surprisingly I really enjoyed it. Then a few months later I head to the concrete jungle… yep, NYC baby!

For years, I dreamt of going to New York and finally getting the opportunity to go was literally, a dream come true. 100 degree heat was probably not ideal for walking round NYC, but nevertheless it was incredible. The sights, the atmosphere, the shopping, the food… oh the food, how delicious you were! New York is definitely a feast for the senses and I would urge everyone, if you can… GO!

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This year has also been the year of moving house. In September I moved from the area I grew up in and headed out of town. The adjustment has been a ‘process’ and finally we’re all now getting comfortable with the idea of living somewhere completely different but most of all, somewhere peaceful! This new house needs a tonne of work so for the last few months, we’ve found ourselves living in a building site… just perfect!

Then in most recent times, quite literally 9 days before Christmas it was Dad’s turn to move house. After a very long and stressful process, he finally bagged himself the house of his dreams and the family scrambled together to move him in. I’ve never known one man to have so much stuff.

And last but by no means least, friendships. It’s been a weird one for friendships this year. Although I’ve had to see some friendships dissolve and come to terms with the fact that some friendships just aren’t meant to be, for me this has been a blessing. I’ve also tightened up on the friendships I do have and have also re-connected with old friends. Friends are the family we choose & I’ve definitely chose well. I’ve got an amazing group of friends who I surround myself with and throughout the difficulties of 2017, I’ve most certainly learnt who’s there for me and quite frankly, who isn’t.

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So there we have it folks. My round-up of this crazy year and my very last post of 2017. I want to thank you all so much for the love and support this year. Thank you to each and every one of you who take the time to come on here and read what I have to say, to every one who likes my Instagram posts and retweets my tweets. And to those of you who have put up with my endless use of GIF’s, I applaud you. It really does mean the world!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, the happiest of New Years & I’ll see you back here on the 1st of January where we’re starting proceedings all over again!

| Harrison |


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