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Family Member Disclosure: Yes, some of your presents are included in this post. Question is, who’s?

So, we’re well into December now. Christmas songs are on the radio and we’re just a few weeks away from the big day. With that in mind, I thought I’d throw out another Christmassy post and give you all some ideas on Stocking Fillers.

There seems to be a trend of Bloggers and Youtubers doing guides for ‘Stocking Fillers’ but it turns out their version of a Stocking Filler is a Cartier ring and a Ferrari. No people, stocking fillers are those smaller, cheaper gifts that come in handy or are just a nice gesture to receive. Not some crazy extravagant gift costings hundreds! Disclosures aside, let’s get into it.


Gift area number 1, practical gifts. You know you’re getting older when you start to love a practical gift. Ya know, those gifts that really come in handy, the ones you’d get a lot of use from. Yeah, those kind.

So for this present recommendation, I’ve picked this pair of M&S cosy socks. Come on, they actually look like a stocking! These I picked up for under a fiver and they’re perfect for that person who loves & lives in a cosy sock! Imagine: Sunday afternoons in front of the TV with a Bailey’s in hand and these bad boys on your feet. Yep, that’s what dreams are made of!


Moving into the product area everyone loves. The one’s that provide entertainment. Now this really could be anything from games, to DVD’s and CD’s to books. What entertains one person, doesn’t necessarily entertain the other.

I chose this CD. The deluxe edition of Paloma Faith’s new album, The Architect. Any music lover would always love to receive the deluxe edition of an album, complete with a few extra songs. CD’s do seem to be a bit of a dying trend but I still love them. It’s a much more personal gift than an iTunes card.


On to my favourite gift area, the edible ones. Who doesn’t love chocolate at Christmas. Well, lactose intolerant people probably don’t.. but asides from them, who doesn’t? Chocolates, sweets, even savoury things are always great to put into anyones stocking at Christmas. It’s a great, cheap way of filling the gaps (literally)

I managed to grab this adorable bauble, filled with Hot Chocolate. I like to think of this as 2 gifts in 1. Not only do you get to drink some luxury Hot Chocolate from John Lewis, but you’ve also got a pretty lush Christmas tree decoration. See, 2 in 1 babehh!


And now onto the blissful, calming and relaxing gift section. Pampering. I’m pretty gutted that in my new house, we’ve only got a shower. No more bath bombs for me. However, for your friend or family member that does still have a bath tub and very much enjoys taking a bath, something like this would be perfect.

I kind of tortured myself and picked up my favourite ever bath bomb from Lush. The Comforter. I absolutely love this bath bomb, it’s by far the best one they do and makes for the most lovely gift. It’s so big that you can actually break it in half and make 2 baths out of it. I always look forward to gifting these at Christmas!


So there you have it, a quick, simple and easy guide to what you can get to fill your loved ones stocking this Christmas. If you have any other suggestions, then please leave a comment below as I’m kinda struggling for ideas right about now!

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