Refurbishing A House: It Ain't Easy | By Harrison

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In September we moved house for the first time in 13 years. Having always lived in the same area, in just 2 houses in 23 years, moving out of the area was a pretty big deal. Not only that, but the house we moved to was a complete hell hole. I think pretty much everything needed doing, no room looked decent, every room had a different carpet and every room had a equally hideous lampshade. Needless to say, a lot was to be done.

Within the first few weeks, we got a couple of the big things done. The gas, boiler and electrics and started to strip some wallpaper. But they were nothing compared to what was about to happen. The biggest project yet. The extension. The plan all along was to extend the house to give a larger kitchen/dining area and to allow us to have a more ‘social’ kitchen, which was something we missed from the old house. But my god, I never expected it to be as ‘hellish’ as it was.

Today, I’m going to talk you through a few of the things I learnt, living in the house whilst it’s being renovated.

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// Prepare For The Worse \\

You may think to yourself that actually it’s not going to be that bad, you might think you’ll be able to live perfectly and not much will get disrupted… think again. EVERYTHING get’s disputed, everything get’s dusty and everything becomes and inconvenience. Preparing food is virtually impossible. Walking from one room to the other becomes a challenge and actually, coming home from work no longer becomes a joy at the end of the day.

// Get Used To Strangers \\

There’s always someone different in the house. Plumbers, electricians, builders, kitchen fitters. Honestly, I lost track of how many different people were walking through, working on and hanging around in this house. Roll on the days of when I know I can come home and some slightly overweight, dusty builder won’t be lying on the floor, balls deep in plaster board.

// It’s Got To Get Worse Before It Get’s Better \\

In our darkest hour, we were sat there with no cupboards, work surface or flooring. The fridge was in the middle of the room and sink was balanced against a wall. Things really do have to get to their worst point before they even start to get better.

// It’ll All Be Worth It \\

Just remember, it’ll all be worth it. All of this hassle, all the money that’s been spent and all the tantrums because you can’t find a saucepan will all be worth it once it’s done. That new kitchen that you’ve dropped some serious dollar on, will soon be fitted and functioning. It. will. be. worth. it.

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It’s not easy, it never is. But I’m going to keep telling myself that in a years time, I’m going to look back on this moment with rose coloured glasses as I’m preparing food in the most Instagramable kitchen.

I write this post and find myself in this situation just a matter of weeks before Christmas. The slight panic that it’s not going to be done in time is just starting to build. But for now, talking of Christmas… I’ve got to get my shop on. So I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for another Christmassy themed post!

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